Dear Dejan Lovren

Dear Dejan Lovren,

What a week it's been for you.  A nightmare at Wembley, England's national stadium, against Spurs.  After completely forgetting things such as the offside rule, defending for the first goal you then forgot about the laws of gravity for the second goal.

It can't have been any fun at all to be taken off after 31 minutes (It would have been 27 minutes if the ball hadn't have remained in play for an extraordinary amount of time.)

Soon after the game you disabled comments on Instagram, removed your profile picture temporarily and removed the name of your employer who pays you £5 million a year.

Tough times indeed.

And then 1 of your 800,000 followers, apparently a child, issues you a 'death threat' via the social media commenting function.   A clearly worrying development, but not one you genuinely consider serious judging by your lack of communication to the police.

Better times ahead perhaps? Huddersfield at Anfield?

Jurgen names you in the team - he wants you to prove that last week was just a blip.

No.  Injured in the warm up.  Joel Matip passed the ball to you just that little bit quickly and, ouch, the thigh.

As it was - Liverpool won the game (with a clean sheet) and most LFC fans sighed relief at 3 points over a potential banana skin.

So despite the thigh injuries, the injections, the instagram nutter, the mad half-way line failed header and the general all-round poor play this is the only thing that is important.

You're not good enough to play for Liverpool.

Not the Liverpool we want it to be.  You might be good enough for a Liverpool who have suffered two straight relegations to League One.  Yeah, you could probably do a job there if needed.

But Liverpool in the Champions League? Liverpool wanting to break out of the 4-8 positions of the last 20 years and push for the title? Sorry Dejan, you're not quite up to it.

West Ham. Fenerbahce.  Real Sociedad.  I can picture your future.

Liverpool? No.

I think you know that Virgil van Dijk wasn't planned as Joel Matip's replacement.

I'm happy that you've had mega wages for a few years as a Liverpool player.  Our former manager did make some absolutely mad signings I'm sure you'll agree.  But as far as our future goes you shouldn't be in it.

Best of luck.

In the LFC Store