Reds set to land Brito Silva

According to reports on Wednesday from Diario in Portugal, Liverpool have beaten Chelsea to the signing of 16 year old Toni Brito Silva Sa for E300,000 (£275,000).

The Guinean youngster is at Benfica, but Chelsea took him on trial while under the leadership of Scolari last December.  Chelsea were ready to offer a 6 year contract to the player.  The Stamford Bridge outfit have got themselves in trouble with FIFA after poaching youngsters after financial inducements and Liverpool have taken advantage of Chelsea’s transfer woes.

The youngster turned 16 a fortnight ago and the reds have cut a deal to bring the player to Anfield.

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Reds set to land Brito Silva

  1. Just seen him playing for the u18s on He looks pretty decent actually. Probably not as flash or skillful as someone like Nani but looks pretty decent. Will probably replace Ince in the youth team next season.

  2. Thats just it ‘GAZ’ you ‘think’ im talking rubbish. Its just a hunch on your behalf.

    I’m not going into great detail about who i am or what i do, but all i can say is, my words are facts, not words based on opinion.

    Anyway, the fact is he left benfica at the age of 15 and if you know much about costs of under 16 players and european laws in the game with youth players, you will know that ‘wonder kids’ are sold at these prices with the obvious ‘drink’ to the necessary agents/gaurdians etc.

    Sporting held on to ronaldo for longer to get the most money possible (when he turned 18) even though arsenal were looking at him way before man u and offering their usual low money for kids (i am an arsenal fan btw). The fact is benfica, as many clubs do from time to time, make mistakes and have let this boy go for penuts to make a quick E300.000 with sell on clause. bad business on benfica’s behalf, good luck liverpool though….they need it. Chelsea, despite their transfer woes could’ve still bought him but were too late.

    ronaldo at 16 and silva at 16, seen both, lets just see how silva develops.

    Ah well, I’m glad i stumbled accross this site. Good luck to all liverpool fans.

  3. i think your talking rubbish james hammond since when have benfica sold ‘wonderkids’ for under £300,000… it does’nt happen ronaldo went from sporting to manchester united at 18 for over £12 million. Ronaldo and Silva both aged 16… no comparison.

  4. I have met this boy (summer 2009) before he went to liverpool and let me tell you, He is just a young boy with bags of talent. A great touch with that grit mentality (like drogba). Potential is enormous with this boy. I don’t appreciate people like the above person ‘mick’ being negative about something so brilliant, a young man with gift to play professional football (i take it you never made it). In my opinion Christiano ronaldo was s**t with great sparks here and there when he was a young lad of 16yrs old. He was no way as near consistent as this boy so lay off him. If anyone needs to take a look at themselves it is this mick guy above for coming down on a 16 year old kid. Is that what life has resorted to for you. Get a grip mate. He might be home sick, missing normal life, feeling pressure of this attention all at the age of 16. I bet you were still wrapped up in cotton wool when you were 16 so how would you know. I guess that comment from me makes me as stupid as you as i don’t even know you but from your comments, i have a pretty good idea of what a person you are. And to all those doubters, he was actually trialling for fulham against liverpool in a game during the end of summer and it was the liverpool staff who saw there own boys not being able to handle this kid (just like when man utd played sporting lisbon and ronaldo tore them up). So when people like mick say ‘trust me’………………..(shakes head). Good luck to this young man.

  5. toni has been recently playing for the u-16’s but was promoted to u-18’s coz of the lack of strikers. he has been playing well and looks a real good player.

    • This player toni is absolutely s***e trust me i watch him train and also playing for the under 16’s most of the time and he’s that bad its unreal. all this about chelsea offering a six-year deal is a load of rubbish. trust me this fella wont last long at liverpool and theres no way he’s 16 i’d love to see his birth certificate!

  6. Toni Brito Silva Sa is his full name.

    He has been on trial with the reds in the past few weeks and now, as we mentioned the reds are now making the deal permanent.

    I think he turned 16 early in September which is probably the reason he played with the U18’s in a match.

    Players on trial can play in games at youth level.

  7. He already been playing for Liverpool U16 this season and has even scored a goal for the U18 a few weeks back. Unless this is a diffrent player he called Tony Silva and he is portugues

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