About Anfield Online (1997-today)

The fans!Anfield Online was created in 1997. Since those early days the webteam has expanded hugely and we now have numerous regular (and irregular!) contributers. We provide updates around the clock (nearly) every day of the year, and the website is still based here in Liverpool.

In 1999 we moved on to a full web server and moved to our current web address.

In 2000 we pioneered a number of LFC internet firsts including free match result text messaging.

In 2001 we started giving away footie shirts, tickets, books and other prizes on the site.

A number of flimsy bulletin board type forums were present on the site at various times, but in early 2006 the Liverpool FC Fans Forum LFC Reds was created.

The forum and website remain as one of a handful of entirely independent LFC sites on the net. We are not tied to any media network and our editorial policy allows us to express our views 100% the way we see fit.

Season 2015/16 is our 19th season online and we continue to strive to involve Liverpool supporters worldwide and improve your experience of being a fan of the reds. We believe that all fans should be aware of our proud history and be involved in supporters campaigns that are close to the heart of Liverpool fans, either local or worldwide.

There are a million and one sites about Liverpool on the internet (not found one about Ronny Rosenthal though yet) and there are some ace ones out there - fans expressing their own opinions from their part of the world and discussing in forums is an of supporting our club, although at all times we believe

Our priorities for our website are coverage of the important Liverpool news stories, great match reports, the introduction of multimedia LFC content, and features, and forum discussion that are going to help Liverpool fans to get involved with their club.

If you would like to submit an article on any aspect of the mighty reds then please do so by contacting us through the site. Or if you are interested in applying your skills to the website, joining our team or anything else then let us know. It's continues to be a pleasure to be involved in running a website for the greatest football supporters in the world.

Keep the faith


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Nick Clemons
Andrew Ayrton
Carol Johnson
Billy Green


All written articles remain the property of this website or their respective author. Please ensure you have permission to reproduce their contents before transmitting or publishing elsewhere. Any created graphics remain the property of the website. We take copyright very seriously on the site, and if you believe any of our articles or items contain material that is copyrighted elsewhere please get in touch so that we can address these concerns and remove the offending items. With a site of this size some errors are certain to have been made in the past, and if so these are entirely accidental.

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