Liverpool FC - Premier League Form

Looking at Liverpool's recent results in Premier League matches. We use three comparison periods: 5 games, 10 games and half a season (19 games).

We analyse Liverpool's form in the League over each time period and give them a rating for each period based on the number of points collected. This is recorded after each game to give the graphs below.

Updated after: 2-0 v Wolves

LFC Form Analysis
5 game
Form guide
Outside top 4 form

No change
1.6 ppg
10 game
Form guide
Outside top 4 form

1.6ppg → 1.8 ppg
Half season
Form guide
Top 4 form

No change
2.11 ppg

The following graphs illustrate Liverpool's Premier League form over the past 3 seasons.

They show the average ppg (points per game) over the previous half-season (19 games), 10 games and 5 games.

The current Liverpool manager - Jurgen Klopp - arrived at Anfield in October 2015

Average ppg - LFC half-season league form

Average ppg - LFC 10 game league form

Average ppg - LFC 5 game league form

Average ppg - Historical 38 game form

We have rebased all results to 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.