Brendan Rodgers doesn’t want Liverpool interview

Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers has indicated to his board that he does not want an interview for Liverpool manager.

Brendan Rodgers

Liverpool are believed to have contacted the club shortly before midday today.

Sources at the Welsh club suggest the manager is wary of the extensive interview process that Liverpool are conducting, believing that accepting interview and then failing to land the job would seriously impact his relationship with his existing club.

It is rumoured that the reds have drawn up a 12 man shortlist in what could be one of the most drawn out managerial appointments in the reds' history.

A Swansea said:

Swansea City can confirm that an approach from Liverpool FC to speak to manager Brendan Rodgers was officially received by club chairman Huw Jenkins this morning.

The club is pleased to confirm that Brendan has declined the current opportunity to speak to the Anfield club about the vacant position.

The Swansea manager is currently working hard to strengthen the squad in readiness for the new Barclays Premier League campaign.

The club will make no further comment at this stage.

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Brendan Rodgers doesn’t want Liverpool interview

  1. But that’s exactly the point isn’t it? If you sold your laptop for £150 and then bought a pair of shoes for £200 you might say ‘I wouldn’t normally buy shoes for £200 but I sold my laptop for £150 so it’s like they only cost £50. The point is you’d have to sell to buy as do Liverpool. The correlation with success isn’t based on gross spend, it’s based on net spend. Top clubs don’t have to sell top players to find new ones. Do Utd, City and Chelsea have to get rid of players to fund transfers?

    • Agree 100% the only player bought that has made any difference is Suarez (who ended Kenny’s reign) If these so called owner’s sell him this summer then it goes to prove what us genuine fans all know they are American Abramovich’s only want to win the CL to get more money for their business.
      We are not a business we are LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB. Yes they are right to want to have the money come in for their outlay but you never ever saw the legends that have managed us be told that we either qualify for a major competiion or your out, like they did with Kenny and will do to EVERY manager that comes in.
      They are HICKS & GILLETT in a different form, When it was announced they had bought the club I was on Holiday in Spain and there were a lot of Yanks out there who virtually all said the same that if they do not get their own way they spit the dummies out and shoot the manager (this has been proven)
      They want a cheap below standar manager who will keep us afloat until someone decent enquires to manage us. (VAN GAAL) come on the man wants the job and will attract major names plus keep one there KUYT. We are going backwards even faster than our previous owners.
      Either get VAN GAAL or RAFA back and lets do away with this sporting director rubbish ASAP otherwise we will ALWAYS be a joke to attract both top managers and players aliike. Then sell the club to the arabs (which we sjould have done in first place).
      If FSG got any LOVE for LFC they will get out ASAP.

  2. FSG are turning the club into an embarassment. The list of candidates gets longer and longer – FSG clearly do not have a vision or strategy in place becuase they clearly do not know who they want. The clubs reputation is being hit severely. Other clubs will have little respect for us becuase we’ll be unsettling managers by sounding them out and then not recruiting them. FSG clearly do not understand football and do not have the financial muscle to compete with the best. The net outlay on players was ~£35 m for which we got 9 players. With such a small net outlay on so many players did we really think that we’ be competing for the top 4 last season? Our best player in 10/11 Meireles walked out becuase he was promised a new deal that FSG didn’t deliver. These guys could be bigger cowboys than Gillet and Hicks. Rumours of a player sale to balance the books are already doing the rounds.

    • It’s increasingly annoying to me how so many people are jumping on the “we only spent ~£35 m on player” bandwagon. True the balance sheet shows a net spend of ~£35 m. But we actually have spent over £135 m in the past 2 seasons. We then managed to get ~£80 m for three players who didn’t want to be here anymore (Torres, Macherano, and Meireles) and some more for players like Babel and Ngog who hadn’t performed and needed to go. That we finished with a net spend of only ~£35 m is great business management. That we invested £135 m only to finish where we did on the table is terrible.

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