VIDEO: Chelsea pre-game tactics

The Redmen TV channel look forward to Sunday’s clash against Chelsea.

And Richard Keyes and Andy Gray have nothing on their tactical gizmo’s.

See more of their videos on their official Youtube Channel – WeAreTheRedmen

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VIDEO: Chelsea pre-game tactics

  1. just hope that poulsen and konchesky are no where to be seen. Would love a fit aurelio to just sit in at left back. Play raul @ gerro in the center with maxi and kuyt out wide with 5 at the back. Would love to see the whole club get a lift

  2. Play 2 up front (Torres and Ngog). Get Torres to come 5 to 10 yards out of the Chelsea area to draw Terry out with him leaving a space for Maxi to run into to replicate the goal at Bolton. I would put Gerrard in front of Carra on the right-wing to block off Ashley Cole and Zhirkov on that side. Maxi needs to help Konchesky on the left-wing by tracking the forward runs of Ivanovic from Chelsea’s right-back position. The back-four should push up to no more than 10 yards outside Liverpool’s area.

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