Assistant boss set to walk out on Reds

After a day of intrigue and speculation, and 11th hour talks between Rafa and assistant manager Pako Ayesteran – it looks like the reds assistant boss is about to walk out of Anfield.

Liverpool’s training session today was cancelled ahead of an important Premiership game against Derby tomorrow due to the fall out between Benitez and his assistant.

Rafa himself has been clear yet ambiguous so far:

“Pako has told me he wants to leave, apart from that I cannot say any more. We will have to assess the situation”

Pako will not be at Anfield tomorrow.

The reason behind the falling out between the pair is unknown although some people have been quick to suggest the pair fell out over training methods.

Although Ayesteran has never proclaimed to want to move in to management, rumours from Spain have suggested that Pako had been lined up for a move to a club in Spain. It is possible that Benitez was upset at the disloyalty shown by his assistant, and a friend who has accompanied Rafa not only at Liverpool and Valencia but also from his days at Tenerife.

Either way – the two do not appear likely to resolve their differences.

Liverpool brought in Angel Vales, a sports science Doctor during the summer, but if Pako does decide to quit Anfield then Benitez will be without one of his most trusted allies as the reds enter an important time of the season with the Champions League group phase only weeks away.

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Assistant boss set to walk out on Reds

  1. Not this time chaps. We’re just hitting the right form and ooops! Well I believe everything’s gonna be o.k. Can we get a replacement fast? we got to fast.Really believe we can win the league this time even without paco. he’s been a nice chap though. wishing you all the very best paco.

  2. Nah man this aint’ right. After such a wonderful almost a fairy tale start to the season, this had to happen, why? I hope they sort something out, thats what is good for the team and the spirit that would be overwhelming the players. I hope the current streak continues and this year we beat those mancs at there home aswell. Keep on the great work RAFA. undoubtly in the red shirt, there ain’t a prettier sight than TORRES. WALK ON WALK ON.

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