Fowler to exit Anfield for the second time

Robbie Fowler has been told this week by reds boss Benitez that his contract will not be extended in to the next season.

Fowler who returned to Anfield in January 2006 for his second spell at the club was handed a one year extension in the summer of 2006 after salvaging some vital points for the reds in a number of appearances. However, a distinct lack of injuries to Liverpool’s three pronged attack has prevented Fowler from getting any kind of decent number of appearances for Liverpool this season.

Rafa Benitez is set to select Fowler for the last game at Anfield this season against Charlton on Sunday. Robbie Fowler may still also have a role to play in the European Cup Final.

Robbie himself believes his career isn’t over just yet:

“Obviously it will be an emotional day for me, but I want everyone to know I’m still completely focused on what I see as two very important games,” he said

“First I want to play well and win against Charlton to help us finish in third, and then there’s preparing for and hopefully playing a part in the Champions League final.

“I’ll think about everything else after that because I don’t want anything to interfere with such an important match.

“I also want people to know I’ve not even thought about the future beyond Liverpool. The manager explained the situation to me this week and it wasn’t a big surprise, to be honest.

“But everyone knows I’ve treated every game back at Liverpool in exactly the same way and given all I could for the team, and that’s going to be the case in the last two games as well.”

Fowler also admitted he’s grateful to be given the chance to say ‘goodbye’ to the fans after missing out on the opportunity when he left in 2001.

“At least this time I will get a chance to say goodbye properly because I was gutted the way it happened last time,” he added

“Since I’ve been back, the support I’ve had from the fans has been tremendous. It’s been even better than it was first time around.

“Maybe you appreciate it even more when you’ve been away and missed it so much, but I’ll never forget the reception they gave me and will always be thankful for it. I just hope I can finish with a few goals and a Champions League win.

“That would be the perfect way to end the season.”

Benitez, was also thankful to the player:

“We had a good meeting and he understood the situation,” said Benitez.

“He’s been a good signing for us and, of course, there are still two games left so his time at Liverpool is not over yet.”

“I hope Robbie can score a goal in front of The Kop,” added Benitez. “That would be a good way for him to say goodbye to the supporters.

“I want to say thank you to Robbie. He will play on Sunday and it’s good the fans will have a chance to see him at Anfield before he leaves us.

“I know how much he means to the club and the fans so it will be a special day for him on Sunday.”

Fowler has been linked with Bolton in the Premiership and a whole host of clubs across the world.  His Liverpool record stands at 183 goals in 368 games.

This Sunday it really will be a day to worship ‘God’.

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Fowler to exit Anfield for the second time

  1. Good luck whatever you do next Robbie a true liverpool legend do your coaching quals then train local lads as strikers could do with some home grown talent like in the 80’s.

  2. Farewell to one of the greats. One of the most natural and dominant strikers to grace the english league. He made scoring look effortless. It was fantastic to have him come back and say goodbye to fans properly and have some closure. What a pity he couldn’t come back a few years earlier. His talent was wasted when he left and he could have scored so many more goals over those years. Farewell to my favourite ever Liverpool player.

  3. Seems such a shame that we let a great player go while we hang on to less capable ones.Fowler has without doubt a natural goal scoring talent and true poise on the ball seldom seen. As with all great players he has time on the ball and vision. I would have wanted to keep him for another season or two play him a bit deeper on the left. Get a better stiker than Crouch to play off. The thing is Robbie if he was honest would play for nothing, for the pleasure of pulling the No.9 shirt on….maybe Rafa should rethink on Fowler.

  4. I am heart broken today! I have cried all weekend! I have adored Robbie since Fulham all those years ago. My son died in 1993 and I was given someone else to focus on. He has been my inspiration and I have loved watching him. I will continue to watch him where ever he may play and I will wait to see young Jacob take his fathers crown one day in front of an adoring kop. Good luck Robbie – my hero!xxx

  5. GOD (robbie) will be truely missed by all THANKS robbie for all the memories YNWA robbie and all the best hope benitez gives robbie a chance as a striker coach THANKS AGEN ROBBIE YNWA

  6. ooooo my god please dont leave robbie we need we wouldnt know what to do if u go so if you can please stay at liverpool dont go good luck with your carrer and hopefurlly you will come back to liverpool!!!i am a true liverpool fan and im sure the kop dont want you to leave !!

  7. not a surprise but at least the kop will get the chance to honour a true legend this time!! winning the cl final would be a fitting end to gods liverpool career! all the best robbie! thanks for the memories!

  8. Going to be sad to see him leave us, all i can say is lets win this cup for Robbie. I’m feeling brave and think i’ll put a tenner on a Fowler hatrick this sunday.

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