Agger ready to walk out of Anfield

Liverpool are set to pay the price for having too many gifted centre-backs as Daniel Agger complains about being down in the Anfield pecking order.

Both Skrtel and Carragher have been the pairing of choice for Benitez with both Hyypia and Agger limited to bit part roles in cup games and in the event of injuries.

“Let me be honest and admit that, if I don’t play, then it’s untenable and it can’t go on like that,” Agger said.

“It’s never nice for a footballer to not play regularly. That is something I will not hide. But my situation at the club is that he (Benitez) doesn’t want to let me play.

“So far I have opted to stay and wait for my chance and to fight for my place.

“I feel I am good enough. Therefore, it irritates me when I don’t play. I am waiting for the chance to play a number of matches and to show that I am good enough.”

Benitez warned Liverpool and Rick Parry before Christmas that an extended contract for Agger should have been tied up.  But now, the inability of the Liverpool board to deal with a contract looks set to cost them – again.

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Agger ready to walk out of Anfield

  1. We cannot keep letting talented youngsyers walk out of Anfield becuase the chaos that is now a joke at the top can’t do their job. Keep Danny Agger and let Parry and the yanks go instead, make everyone happy!!

  2. Well Well Daniel Agger is one of the most skillful defenders ive seen for the last 20 years or so he only lost his place through injury and skrtel was signed to replace and yes skrtel is a very good player himself he does not posses the skills of Agger not since Hansen have we had a centre back who can play the ball out of defence purposefully, intelligently, and threatingly, and his best years are ahead of him.

    It will be a big big loss to a big big club if they let him go so dam it now see sense and give the lad a 5 year contract he is part of our future dont make him part of our past PLEASE.

  3. Absolutley diabolical that the so called hierarchy at Liverpool cannot tie up a contract with such a gifted defender as Agger. Parry and the Yanks must definitley go as Dave B says. You would never think that “Them down the road” could let this happen to one of their top players, and the fact that he is still very young for a defender, makes it even worse. Absolute k..b heads all of em, and i dont normally swear i can assure you all. El Tel

  4. Agger ready to walk out???
    we bought Skrtel becos Agger became injured.
    they cant let him go . if skrtel or carra become injured then they want look for another defender???

  5. This is beyond a joke now. Its definately time for a shake up at the top at Liverpool now. Rick Parry and the yanks need to go. Their incompetence now looks to have cost us another gifted player. Agger and Carragher had a solid partnership before Rafa even signed Skrtel and Agger is a better defender than Skrtel anyway. How do they expect us to be successful when they drive away our better players. If he does leave then i wish him all the success in the world but that would be one i think the Liverpool board will live to regret. Agger is world class, well done Parry! Top draw again!

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