Reina: Title race not even close to being over

Pepe Reina

Liverpool keeper, Pepe Reina, has reminded the media, opposing fans and even some of Liverpool’s own white-flag brigade, that the title race is far from over.

Speaking to the official site, Pepe insisted there was a long way to go this season and that he is determined to complete the Liverpool project.

“All of us have to keep everyone else’s head up.

“In weak moments, strong people have to appear. I want to be one of them and support my teammates if they need it.

“The key is to stay together and not read the press. Belief is the word we need to use the most – belief in ourselves and our teammates.

“We were a bit unlucky on Saturday. We didn’t play as bad as at other times. It was not even close to our worst game.

“It’s a tough moment but we have to stick together and try to sort things out on the pitch and in every single training session. We have pride in wearing this shirt and we have to defend it until the end.

“Any defeat hurts someone with ambition and someone who is hungry for titles. But it doesn’t matter how many times you fall down – what matters is how many times you get up and keep trying to be the best.

“That’s what we have to do now. We have to go back to our principles, sort out the problems we’re having and go back to being the Liverpool everyone wants.”

There has been speculation recently that the reds are determined to offer Pepe a new contract and he has made the noises all Liverpool fans would want to hear.

“My aim is to get a new contract in the future and I want to be here for many years. Apparently the club wants the same.

“It’s already my fifth season here and that says it all, really. One of my daughters is a Scouser. I have some friends here and my wife and kids are happy. I have every reason to stay longer and of course I will.

“Titles are what we are all here for. As a Liverpool player, you have to have these ambitions. Trophies are the most important thing, and the most important one is probably the Premier League.

“Rafa Benitez is building something special here. He proved that when he came here – the club was one thing and now it’s something totally different. We have grown up and we can still grow up a little bit more.”

For those from all sides who are keen to write off Liverpool’s title chances, Reina had one final warning.

“It’s not even close to being over.

“We have to go game by game. Now we must focus on Lyon, which is massive, and after that Birmingham is a must-win game.”

After some of the depressing reading I have had to endure over the weekend – it’s nice to hear that Reina, unlike some of our own fans, still has plenty of fire in his belly.

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Reina: Title race not even close to being over

  1. Good to hear Pepe being positive.
    He is not above the rest and needs to get back to form.
    Unfortunately for Pepe our defence hasnt covered for him lately
    as jamie Carrager has in the past and he needs to be more ruthless in his close in shot stopping!!or lack of it.

  2. In 2005 we had a nighmare, but we got to 2 finals.

    In 1982 under Paisely we were 3rd off the bottom at xmas but won the league.

    Yes we have a thin squad, but we have had injuries and we have had bad luck. This team is not that different to last years that finished 2009.

    I cant see why people are gloomy? we are capable of great things. we battered United. that was not luck.

    we just need consisteny a bit of luck and we will back challending

  3. Good lad Reina, keep believing and that should get us out of this crisis, but it is sad to say that Reina will be gone to Barca in January, along with Torres and I really cannot believe I am saying this… Gerrard will probably go. Cannot see Kuyt staying if fail to qualify for CL as he said on LFC Tv it is stage in career which he wants to trophies, and Mascherano will definatly go as he has lost interest. So great fighting talk Reina but long term… it is looking awful.

    • STOP BEING SO MORBID, both Torres and Reina ( just the other day) have pledged their loyalty to the club and once injuries subdue we should be more like a team and back winning point’s.

      Can you tell me of any team who cold do without 9 yes NINE first team players (give or take) because im very sure that all top clubs would struggle to get points with that many out .

      Come on pull it together and let’s use Rena’s words Y. N. W. A.

  4. Great to hear. Thats it Reina, real fighting talk and with that sort of leadership and spirt we will get through this. Rafa and the team dont go from being world class to crap in a few weeks. Everyone is over-reacting. Mark my words, we will be back on course and 7up the table by the new year.


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