The 50 greatest LFC players?

The Times have published an article today in which they list the 50 greatest ever Liverpool FC players.

Here’s the list in full.

50 Fernando Torres
49 Rob Jones
48 Peter Thompson
47 Jackie Balmer
46 Sami Hyypia
45 Matt Busby
44 Peter Beardsley
43 Elisha Scott
42 Jerzy Dudek
41 Bob Paisley
40 David Fairclough
39 Ray Clemence
38 Jan Molby
37 Phil Neal
36 Tommy Lawrence
35 Albert Stubbins
34 Chris Lawler
33 Steve McMahon
32 Steve Nicol
31 Sammy Lee
30 Gerry Byrne
29 Ronnie Whelan
28 John Toshack
27 John Aldridge
26 Dietmar Hamann
25 Steve Heighway
24 Mark Lawrenson
23 Joey Jones
22 Ray Kennedy
20 Ian Callaghan
19 Michael Owen
18 Jimmy Case
17 Emlyn Hughes
16 Phil Thompson
15 Alan Kennedy
14 Robbie Fowler
13 Ron Yeats
12 Ian St John
11 Ian Rush
10 Roger Hunt
9 Jamie Carragher
8 Billy Liddell
7 Alan Hansen
6 Kevin Keegan
5 Tommy Smith
4 Graeme Souness
3 John Barnes
2 Steven Gerrard
1 Kenny Dalglish

Right? Or Wrong? What do you think of their all time list?

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The 50 greatest LFC players?

  1. Steven Gerrard will 1 day be top of this list theres no doubt about it, the guy is world class simply unstoppable.
    Im sure El nino will be up there in a couple of years we have to remember that the lad is only 25 so dont fear torres is here.

  2. Thanks for the kudos lads. Thirty Two years on and my banner is still rated the greatest. Joey deserves the accolades despite his limitations. In my day you,d die for Shanks so the greatest player list should reflect the warmth felt for any player who put club before himself.

  3. It’s a tightrope, Robbie Fowler defo should be higher, grew up on the last great teams, so Jan Molby and ‘I wana be’ John Barnes should be up there.
    King Kenny rules ok, I nearly cried when he left.

  4. Fowler should definately be higher, Mcmanaman should be there simply for his goal against Celtic in ’97. Not sure why Rob Jones is there either. Revision needed me thinks.

  5. Where is Grobbelaar?

    Sami Hyypia captained the team to many trophies and at a time when nobody respected the name Liverpool Football Club. For us to return to the top we need defenders that can advance and finish off a move. Sami is the only goal scoring defender in the squad. The great teams of the 70s and 80s had kennedy, thommo, lee… everyone as instrumental as kenny, souness. keegan no 6? who comes close in the current squad? These were men that played, tackles would have you out with a broken metatarsal for a season.

    More respect for the goalkeepers – just think of the many euro wins and who pulled it off? ray, bruce, sander, jerzy.

  6. Looking through the list – the majority appear to be correct – Would have rated Grobs over Dudek tho placed Reina and Alonso as 51 and 52 – sometimes the in form players stick in peoples minds – Alonso had a very quiet season last year.

    Wonder if there will be a Top 50 managers of all time (not just the ‘Pool)?

  7. Not too far out im my opinion, and Robbie would have been higher had he stayed just another season or more. Barnsey too high for my liking though, and Torres will rise rapidly the longer he stays.(Lets hope he stays)? El Tel

    • I agree with SB where’s Rushie ? and even Aloso & Mc manamann is missing..I hard to predict the LFC old Legends cos’ i’m borned in the early 60s. anyway, King kenny still my no.1 followed up by Stevie G, Rushie..Hansen, Keegan, Barnes, Mc manaman etc.. but Torres.Alonso. Reina could be LFC Top 10 Players in the future..we’ll Never Walk Alone.. for me Stevie is my current LFC Top Player

  8. What a terrible list. Mark Lawrenson may be annoying but he was one if not the best defender in the clubs history and if we’re honest Joey Jones was not much of a player. David Fairclough made his living on the St Etienne goal, if he’s in there what about Luis Garcia for his goals during the 04/05 campaign (which he shouldn’t be). Beardsley must be in the top 10, he was a vital part of the 87/88 team which probably played the best football in Liverpools history!

  9. Just reading that list again its bizarre.. Ian Rush at 11, Beardsley and Hyypia should be further up, like Rob Jones was a talented player but he was forever injured and never fulfilled his talent. Alonso should definitely be on this list, he’s better than Molby and Molby is worthy of a place, and maybe Reina and Grobbelaar if Dudek is on it, sure Dudek’s clangers cost us the league in 2002-03 when we were 9 points clear and he was in and out of the team from then on and only for Kirklands injuries Dudek wouldnt have got his place back.

    Maybe we’ve too many legends and we probably have 25 players who deserve a top 10 place, but King Kenny is number 1 and always will be!!

  10. No Terry McDermott?? or even Steve McManaman… Elisha Scott is regarded as being legendary and he’s lower than Dudek?? Also speaking of goalkeepers where is Bruce Grobbelaar…

  11. Dudek on top 50 but no Grobbelar???

    The list is poor, lots of overrated players, to name a few
    Carragher, Owen, Hamann, Dudek, Nicol

    Underrated: Torres, Beardsley, Hyypia

    And i can’t accept Gerrard as nr. 2 untin he wins the league.

  12. Barney so high? Gave everything, but not that good.Tommy Smith probably too high.Both Hansen and Lawrenson were better.Torres, eventually, will obviously be higher.Happy where Fowler is as some people completely overrate him.

  13. Absolutely ridiculous! y is robbie fowler not in the top ten? and where is mcmanaman??? he scored several great goals in the fa cup campaign 1992, and was the named man of the match for the final. he also won the league cup by himself in 1995

  14. Who voted on these players? I remember when Whelan finished we missed him for 3 seasons in my opinion one of the most under rated ever football players, also Xabi Alonso is a better footballer than most on the list, Markus Babbel? a brilliant player.

  15. I got to admit… I think I agree with it.

    When Steven Gerrard finishes his career, hopefully with Liverpool.. then I am sure he may be top and of course Torres has a few more years in him to climb up the table.

    But what a list of players… fantastic!!

  16. Smith better than Keegan? Don’t be ridiculous, it should be Dalglish then Keegan but lest we forget there’d be no Dalglish if Keegan hadn’t come first. Hamann before Toshack?????

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