Thursday 26th February 2004 


The Bulgarians are coming, and they're a confident bunch - confident that they can beat us anyway!

"We have had enough time to study the Liverpool game," said Levski coach Georgi Vasilev.

"Their pair of strikers is in any combination world class, but they can be very dangerous with their second line from which players easily transform into forwards.

"Our defensive line will be the busiest on the night and we must try to ease the pressure as much as we can. Most importantly we must have longer ball possession and to slow the game down as much as possible.

"With a bit of luck on our side, I hope for a good result."

Levski striker Georgi Ivanov believes all the pressure is on Liverpool following their recent results and he is bullish of his side's chances.

"We shouldn't be afraid of this match, but Liverpool should be as their current situation is very delicate," said Ivanov. "They just cannot afford a slip-up.

"We should take an advantage of that. Many will disagree, but I think that we are capable of creating a great upset at Anfield."

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