Tuesday 11th May 2004 


Liverpool issued the following statement this afternoon:

"Liverpool FC today confirmed that it had received two indicative proposals for investment in the club," read the statement.

"These will be presented to the Board of Directors.

"A further announcement will be made in due course."

The second bid is believed to be from Steve Morgan, the self made millionaire former owner of Redrow Homes. He is intent that the Thai PM should not be allowed to buy in to the club and is offering £61 million of his own cash to get on the board, and to set up a new share issue, giving 10% of shares up for sale.

Apparently this could raise a further £12 million, be it either supporters or even David Moores who buys these extra shares.

But is the Thai deal done and dusted?

Watch this space. Either way, it looks almost certain that Gerard Houllier will be the man spending all these millions.

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