Tuesday 18th May 2004 


Liverpool misfit, Emile Heskey, has today left Anfield for Birmingham City in what could transpire in to a £6.25 million deal. A substantial loss on the £11 million the reds payed Leicester in February 2000, but a lot more than most of us ever expected to get back.

The initial fee will be £3.75 million, with a possible two further £1.25 million installments if Birmingham can stay in the Premiership over the next few years.

Emile has also taken a cut in his wages, down from around 42 grand a week at Anfield to 30 grand a week at Birmingham, however he will be Birmingham's top earner.

I personally liked Emile, and am fairly sure he will do well at Birmingham, but he just never was consistent enough for the reds. He had it in him but through the fault of himself, or more possibly the manager for the constant tinkering of positions he never made it big.

Good luck Emile.

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