Friday 21st May 2004 


THE Thai deal to buy a multi-million pound stake in Liverpool Football Club appeared to be unravelling today, as prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra faces more opposition in his country to the deal.

Reports from Thailand suggest Mr Thaksin's bid to buy a 30% stake in Liverpool FC could be challenged in Thai courts.

And academics at one of the country's top universities are looking into the legitimacy of the £65m offer for the stake in the Reds.

If the Thai bid were to fail, Liverpool would be left with the possibility of having receiving no major investment this summer - an offer from property tycoon Steve Morgan was rejected by the board last week.

Opposition politicians in Thailand today claimed Thaksin's offer would be unconstitutional if it were found to be against national interests.

Outspoken Bangkok senator Chirmsak Pinthong attacked the proposed deal, saying it would not benefit the country.

He said: "Maybe it's not just unconstitutional, but also impeachable."

Meanwhile, legal experts at one of Thailand's biggest universities have launched a study into the legitimacy of the proposed Liverpool scheme.

Vorajet Pakhirat of the law faculty said: "If the government can do whatever it likes to do, regardless of national interests, it will become a dangerous precedent."

The problems surrounding the £65m deal are expected to stop it from being concluded for several weeks.

But Mr Thaksin insisted: "We want to make everything clear before joining in an investment with anyone. If things go well, maybe we can sign the memorandum in the next couple of weeks."

Liverpool Echo