Wednesday 12th April 2006


Plans for the 'new' Anfield have been re-approved but the reds are preparing for the possible withdrawal of £11 million in EU money.

The plans for Liverpool's new stadium have been re-approved by the local council without any alterations to the original scheme. The Anfield club had to resubmit their plans, originally agreed almost two years ago, to make sure they conformed to new planning law.

At a meeting of Liverpool council's planning committee yesterday those plans - for a 60,000 ground on nearby Stanley Park - were once again given the go-ahead. It is believed a decision was made for it to go back before the planning committee to allow transparency, and to allow objectors to put their views.

Liverpool still have major financial problems to overcome, however, with the cost of the Stanley Park venture having spiralled to £160m. Shareholders were told at the club's recent AGM that it could be four years before the stadium was completed.

The club, who insist they are still actively looking for outside investment, have denied claims that they have lost £11m in European Union grants. A decision on that is expected next month.

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