Friday 21st April 2006


Jose Mourinho insisted he had no special animosity towards Liverpool as the clubs meet for the tenth time in the Spaniard and the Portugese coaches reign.

Referring to the last match between the clubs at Stamford Bridge in February Mourinho said: "Only one team played. The other team couldn't compete against a team who played a magnificent game. Chelsea played very well that day. I don't remember one single chance for Liverpool."

"We beat them 2-0, very easily. We scored a good goal which the linesman couldn't give. We were by far the best team."

He added: "For me there's no rivalry. The only thing is when we meet them it's normally on big occasions.

"We met them in the Champions League semi-final, the Carling Cup final and now in the FA Cup semi-final. In the league, we always met at crucial moments.

"It's not normal to play 10 times in two years. I look at them the same as I look at another team. I have no special feeling."

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