Monday 31st July 2006


Reds: Good boys

Statistics never lie as they say, and with the publication of information relating to criminal activity within football by the Home office - everything is becoming clear.

In the 2004/05 season - 101 Man United fans received banning orders - a 400% increase on the year before. The club were the 2nd worst placed in the Premiership in this category - Liverpool were mid-table with 47 bans.

Man United lead the Premiership in number of its supporters arrested during the season at football ground with 161. Over the season including a European Cup run to the final only 91 Liverpool supporters were arrested.

On a general trend arrests are decreasing at Premiership games, with less than a 1000 in total for the season, in which some 12 million + people watched live football games.

Racism-related arrests have also seen a marked decrease and the FA will be keen to continue their work in this area such as the 'Kick Racism out of Football' campaign.

Most arrests appear to be for alcohol related disturbances and violent behavour arrests account for a very small amount of arrests.

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