Last Updated: 10-Jul-2006


Our daily guide to the World Cup that them there Italians won.

France 1- Italy 1 (Italy won 5-3 on pens)

So the Italians can take penalties after all - maybe AC Milan just 'fixed it' to lose against us? He he.

Zinedine Zidane, one of my favourite players of all time - what was his problem? Crazy. It was a shame for the guy - but he had some power in that bald head of his. Overall - the World Cup was grand. The group stages had some cracking games - it all got a bit coy from the quarter finals onwards. England should have done much much better. Maybe the Euro's - my verdict. I think we'll get as far as the quarter-finals... then maybe get knocked out on pens... ;-)

England 0-0 Portugal (QF) Port won 3-1 on pens
Brazil 0-1 France (QF)

What can you say. Let's not talk.

At least Gerrard and Carragher both scored their penalties. D'oh!

Germany 1-1Argentina (QF) - Germany won on pens (surprise surprise)
Italy 3-0 Ukraine (QF)

Argentina had the German's on the back foot but Klose got the equaliser and once it got to penalties - well it had to be the German's didn't it. The Argentinian's kicked up a big fuss at the end - typical unsporting behaviour. They don't do themselves any favours do they.

Italy coasted past Ukraine to set up a clash between the Italians and Germans. Let's hope they don't join forces and invade France. Again.

Brazil 3-0 Ghana (Last 16)
Spain 1-3 France (Last 16)

Brazil looked good - Ronaldo looked a different player to the one who started this tournament, and Spain threw away a 1-0 lead to lose to France. Garcia, Alonso and Reina have once again suffered from Spain's inability to do anything in major tournaments.

Italy 1-0 Australia (Last 16)
Switzerland 0-0 Ukraine (Ukraine won 3-0 on pens) (Last 16)

Harry Kewell missed the game after an onset of gout forced him on to crutches. The Aussies were robbed after the ref awarded Italy an injury time penalty that wasn't even a foul.

England 1-0 Ecuador (Last 16)
Portugal 1-0 Holland (Last 16)

England limped through to the Quarter Finals after a tiresome performance - David Beckham's free kick sealing the win, Gerrard and Carragher had quiet games - and Crouch came on late as a sub.

In the days other game - the Portugal Holland affair produced 4 red cards and 16 yellow cards. Unsurprisingly there were 3 Man United players on the pitch.

Germany 2-0 Sweden (Last 16)
Argentina 2-1 Mexico (Last 16)

Saudi Arabia 0 - 1 Spain
Switzerland 2 - 0 South Korea
Togo 0 - 2 France
Ukraine 1 - 0 Tunisia

Lucky lucky lucky France. At half-time they were in big trouble but they got out of jail and stumbled in to the last 16. In other news the Spanish, with a second string XI won their final group game to make it 3 out of 3. France awaits them in the next round.

Croatia 2 - 2 Australia
Czech Republic 0 - 2 Italy
Ghana 2 - 1 USA
Japan 1 - 4 Brazil

Team USA were sent packing by the great Ghana side that has been very impressive in this World Cup. But the normally big game shirker Harry Kewell popped up and scored the vital equaliser for the Aussie's which put them in to the last 16. Harry has become an overnight hero. Quick, lets sell him now (only kidding - Ed).

Italy dumped the Czech Republic and Milan Baros out of the tournament. Only time will tell how many of the Italian players will be caught up in the alleged match-fixing case in Italy. And the Brazilians gave Japan a goal head start before starting to play. Ronaldo even played well - scoring goals without moving very far - like Jan Molby.

Holland 0 - 0 Argentina
Iran 1 - 1 Angola
Ivory Coast 3 - 2 Serbia & Montenegro
Portugal 2 - 1 Mexico

Ivory Coast were the team of the day after coming back from 2-1 down. They were without a shadow of a doubt the best team to be getting sent home. Holland and Argentina was not the cracker we expected as many players were left out, and the two teams played out the draw which they both needed to go through to the knock-out stages.

Germany 3-0 Ecuador (Group A)
Costa Rica 0-2 Poland (Group A)
England 2-2 Sweden (Group B)
Trinidad & Tobago 0-2 Paraguay (Group B)

England started well - until about 60 seconds when Michael Owen hobbled off. It's a good job we didn't buy the crocked player. How Michael Owen's career has changed since leaving the reds - ah well at least Stevie G can show him his Champions League winners medal to cheer him up ;-)

So Peter Crouch was drafted on, and actually played well with Wayne Rooney. England went ahead but were then pulled back to 1-1. Steven Gerrard was the England hero again with what should have been the winner 5 minutes from time. But England proved they just can't defend properly with Rio and Terry at the back - world class - yeah right? Stick Carragher there instead of right back we say. Sweden equalised and my potential winnings of £80 went t**s-up. Thanks a bunch!!

Germany looked great - at least by finishing top we avoid getting knocked out by them.

Yeah, instead we will get knocked out by Ecuador (probably)....

So Sven - now that Owen's knackered - when are we gonna see wonderkid Walcott play - you Swedish idiot.....

Togo 0-2 Switzerland (Group G)
Saudia Arabia 0-4 Ukraine (Group H)
Spain 3-1 Tunisia (Group H)

Viva Espana...

They were looking in trouble at 1-0 down - but they raised their game and got a decent enough win in the end. Fernando Torres - if reports linking us with him in the past are to be believed, then we should be sick. Hey, maybe we bought the wrong Fernando last year??

Anyway, Spain look decent for the first time in a tournament for years and years.

It could be interesting if England have to face them - Xabi v Gerrard etc etc.

Japan 0-0 Croatia (Group F)
Brazil 2-0 Australia (Group F)
France 1-1 South Korea (Group G)

Harry Kewell went missing in another big game, as Australia had held Brazil goalless for the first half. Kewell came on to replace Cahill and immediately fluffed an open goal shot over the bar. Worse was to follow as he looks set for a FIFA one game ban for swearing at the referee...our advice - grow your hair back!

In the other games, France looked utter garbage. Their 'galactico' looking international side just seem too old, and too complacent. Thierry Henry got the goal but South Korea never gave in and scored late on.

Portugal 2-0 Iran (Group D)
Czech Republic 0-2 Ghana (Group E)
Italy 1-1 USA (Group E)

I said this wasn't going to be that exciting a day. I was wrong. Portugal made hard work of beating Iran - why are Cristiano Ronaldo's eyes so red - hmm...

Anyway, Portugal look definitely beatable, as do the Czech Republic and Italy for that manner.

The USA - Italy game got dirty - 3 sendings off, and a typical piece of Italian thuggery when De Rossi blatantly elbowed one of them USA boys - causing a nice bit of bloodshed reminiscent of a rugby union game. Italy were pants.

And Ghana got the result of the day. They were immense, full of athleticism and swept the Czech Republic aside. They could be heading for the next round.


Argentina 6-0 Serbia & Montenegro (Group C)
Holland 2-1 Ivory Coast (Group C)
Mexico 0-0 Angola (Group D)

Argentina are looking hot - they were my early tip for the winners so I am quite pleased. They looked magnificent today, and Lionel Messi was immense. They have some quality players - the question is - have they peaked too early? If England get far enough to play them then .... we're out!

Holland progressed at the expense of Didier Drogba and the Ivory Coast, who were arguably the best team to have been knocked out so far. They just couldn't get that equaliser. Maybe Kromkamp still has time to get a game?

And Angola pulled off one of the best results their country has ever had - holding some people's pre-tournament favourites Mexico at bay. Their goalkeeper was a busy lad, but man of the match.


Ecuador 3-0 Costa Rica (Group A)
England 2-0 Trinidad & Tobago (Group B)
Sweden 1-0 Paraguay (Group B)

The Liverpool lads helped dig England out of a big hole, after a lacklustre first 80 minutes. Michael Owen made way for Wayne Rooney but it was Peter Crouch who broke the deadlock with a great header in the 83rd minute. As injury time approached - Steven Gerrard sealed the win with a super effort from outside the area. England who could have been facing a difficult final game - have now confirmed their qualification from the group, all that is left is the decision of whether they finish top or second.

Earlier Ecuador were brilliant, shades of Brazil in their yellow shirts. They are likely to be England's opponents in the next round as things stand, and England could face a stiffer task.


Xabi Alonso kicks off Spain's campaignDAY SIX
Spain 4-0 Ukraine (Group H)
Tunisia 2-2 Saudi Arabia (Group H)
Germany 1-0 Poland (Group A)

Told you it was going to be a better day at the World Cup! And Spain were rampant - they look the team of the tournament so far. After eons of failing to deliver in major tournaments they kicked off in style. Xabi Alonso scored the first goal (his first goal since that 60 yard shot against Luton) and Luis Garcia was excellent as well. Fernando Torres was immense - it looks like we really missed out on that guy - he is sure to be worth at least £25 million. Chelsea new boy Shevchenko was garbage.

And the Tunisia - Saudi Arabia game went right down to the wire, as the lead changed hands in the dying moments of the game. Definitely not the game of the day you would have chosen.

And in the final game Germany huffed and puffed, and eventually blew the Polish house down in injury time with a Oliver Neuville goal. The hosts look certain to go through to the next round. Ah shucks.


Brazil 1-0 Croatia (Group F)
France 0-0 Switzerland (Group G)
Korea 2-1 Togo (Group G)

France looked crap, Brazil didn't look great, and Togo and Korea are both nuts.

Day five wasn't as good as yesterday - but promising for England as both France and Brazil failed to set the world on fire - oh hang on isn't that what England did last Saturday.

In fact the best thing about today was the haircuts in the Korea - Togo game, and when that Togo player got sent off I had to double check that it wasn't clumsy Traore.


Australia 3-1 Japan (Group F)
Czech Republic 3-0 USA (Group E)
Italy 2-0 Ghana (Group E)

The best day of the tournament so far.

Australia and Everton's Tim Cahill was the Aussie hero with two goals in the last 6 minutes as Australia came from 1-0 behind. Harry Kewell played for the full 90 mins getting a few shots on target - luckily he has sorted his hair out as well.

The Czech's were superb, and Tomas Rosicky was magnificent - he will be a great buy for Arsenal.

Italy rounded off the day with a professional victory over Ghana.


Serbia & Montenegro 0-1 Holland (Group C)
Mexico 3-1 Iran (Group D)
Angola 0-1 Portugal (Group D)

Holland set off well thanks to an Arjen Robben goal but then struggled to win convincingly - Jan Kromkamp didn't feature, but Liverpool target Dirk Kuyt played for the final 20 minutes but no shots on target as Holland had their backs to the wall.


England 1-0 Paraguay (Group B)
Trinidad & Tobago 0-0 Sweden (Group B)
Argentina 2-1 Ivory Coast (Group C)

Both Steven Gerrard and Peter Crouch played for the full 90 minutes, and both received a yellow card. The pair played well in an overall negative England performance whereby Sven's men sat on a 1-0 lead gained in the 2nd minute from an own goal. In the second half Crouch was left stranded up front with nobody to knock his headers on to. Thank god Sven's not the Liverpool manager.

In the other matches, Trinidad & Tobago held out for a remarkable point which helped England enormously.

And Argentina survived a late scare to hold on 2-1 against the Ivory Coast. Long time Liverpool targets Roberto Ayala played the full game in defence, and Pablo Aimar had a brief introduction at the end of the game.


Germany 4-2 Costa Rica (Group A)
Poland 0-2 Ecuador (Group A)

Didi Hamann and Jerzy Dudek will have been watching on with mixed feelings. Germany showed their intent to go on and win the tournament in their homeland but poor Poland were humbled as Ecuador proved they don't just need the home advantage (their own ground is 2 miles above sea level) to win international matches.

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