Benitez petition grabs 25,000 signatures in 24 hours

An online petition set up to for Liverpool fans to register their support for Rafa Benitez has signed up nearly 25,000 signatures (current count) in around 24 hours!

The online petition can be found here

Liverpool supporters are completely united in being behind Rafa and some of the comments include:

Rafa Benitez is the best thing to have happened to Liverpool Football Club since the success of the 1980s. To sack him would be a grave mistake as he could walk into any major club of his choosing. Such is his talent.

If everyone genuinely wants the best for our club then there is no question that Rafa should stay.The future hasn’t looked as positive for LFC since the ’80s

If you sack Rafa, you’ll lose the best manager in the world and half the squad will leave. You will destroy your own financial asset and the heritage of all Liverpool fans. Rafa’s only doing the best he can for the club. Please match his aspirations.

Listen Mr Hicks & Gillette, we really appreciate the investment so far, it has allowed us to compete again for the title. However, you have to back (not sack) Rafa Benitez because he is a top class manager & the fans love him.

To even contemplate sacking Rafa is an absolute disgrace and must not be allowed to happen! He is the only man who can continue to take us forward and he must be given the funds he needs to get us there. We are the fans, we are the club and we should always be listened to. So far you (G&T) have enjoyed a good relationship with us. If this continues, this will no longer be the case and you MUST understand this! We understand how football works, and it is like no other business. It cannot therefore, be treated like any other business. You speak of a club to make the fans proud. We are proud because of what our club stands for. We pay a fortune supporting our team and deserve to have our opinions respected and acted upon!

Add your name to the list (and read some of the other 24,995 comments!)

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