Statement on Spirit of Shankly

In response to some contact we have received recently, Anfield Online would like to distance itself from the events surrounding the end of season party of the Spirit of Shankly supporters union.

A video was released on to Youtube from the event showing SOS members shouting “Munich” during an on-stage performance of a singer at the union’s end of season party on the final day of the 2008/09 season.

As an independent Liverpool FC  supporters site we have always upheld our strong beliefs to remain as independent of the football club as to any other organisation, supporters group or campaign.

Also, the Liverpool Fans Forum LFC Reds has never listed itself as a supporter of the group. We believe strongly that Liverpool should have strong supporter representation and whilst many of the written aims of Spirit of Shankly are ones we adhere to, clearly the events which unfolded during a small section of the evening are unacceptable.

The events which occurred do not represent the views of any member of the staff on any of our sites and we are disgusted by the slur on us, as Liverpool fans, which has been suffered.

The SOS group themselves said earlier this week: “We are sincerely sorry for anybody who has been offended by this footage, and we do not condone such behaviour.”

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