Monday 31st May 2004 


Who is running Anfield? That's the question Anfield Online wants answered after Rick Parry yesterday said that players would be consulted on who the new manager should be.

"There may be some discussion with them as far as the new manager is concerned," Parry was quoted as saying in The News of The World on Sunday.

"I don't think a particular player will be asked to pick a name, but I feel it is perfectly realistic to allow them some input."

Well we don't think they should be consulted at all. Player power is getting out of hand, and especially when player's such as Michael Owen who has been stalling over signing a contract for our beloved club get's to play a hand in choosing our new boss.

Enough is enough. I've been edging towards it all season but if Owen can't make his mind up if he wants to stay then it's time we made it up for him. Sell him.

John, The Editor