Wednesday 18th May 2005


Vladimir Smicer has expressed his pride at the six years he has spent at Anfield after Rafa decided he was surplus to requirement. Vlad is currently mulling over some offers, including within English football.

"It's sad for me to be leaving because when you spend six years of your life at a club, it will always be in your heart," said Smicer.

"Liverpool is one of the biggest and best clubs in the world so I'm sorry to be leaving. I was sad I didn't get the chance to play for the final time at Anfield, but perhaps I will be back next season with a different club. I would like to stay here because, for me, the Premiership is the best league in the world.

"The Spanish league is more technical and Italy has always been strong, but the atmosphere in Serie A is not the same as here. The standard of football in this country is getting better and better, which is shown by Chelsea and Arsenal and the fact Liverpool can get into the Champions League Final."

"The highest point was obviously winning five winners' medals in 2001," he said.

"That was a great season for us. My biggest regret is my injuries. I had a difficult start and it seemed every time I was finding some form I was injured.

"I know not everyone liked me as a player, but I had a lot of supporters and good friends here and I just wish I hadn't suffered so many injuries because then I could have shown more consistency.

"I feel my best games came when I played in a more central position where I could get involved more. I was never a winger."

Smicer is now hoping he can have one final great moment in a Liverpool shirt by helping the Reds to Champions League glory next week.

"I hope I can be involved," he said. "There would be no better way to end a career at Liverpool than playing a role in the Champions League Final. When I was injured, I dreamed Liverpool would play and beat AC Milan in the San Siro.

"I hope this comes true. I played a small part against Bayer Leverkusen and Juventus earlier in the competition but all I can do is wait and see what happens next week.

"Now I'd just like to say goodbye to everyone at Liverpool and say how proud I am to have been at the club. A victory next week will be the best way to go."

Anfield online wishes Vlad all the best for the future.

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