Liverpool Fan Survey 2009

Liverpool fans usually have more to say than other fans whether it be about the teams performances on Talksport or about the latest signings on this site and forum. Perhaps it’s because we have so many fans but unlike our prawn sandwich eating rivals we care more passionately about the game.

This is your chance to take part in the very unofficial Liverpool fan survey for 2009 about all things football, but mainly related to Liverpool obviously. Please send an email to with answers to the questions below by 31st May 2009 and the results will be available on Anfield Online shortly afterwards. The more people that respond the more accurate the final results will be so email the link to any friends you have (as long as they’re not blue noses obviously!)

Liverpool Fan Survey 2009


1.Which Premier League team do you dislike more than any other?

2.If this team was playing Bayern Munich in the Champions League Final, who would you want to win?

3.Which is your 2nd most disliked Premier League team?

4.What overseas club side do you dislike more than any other?

5.If you had to support another team in the Premier League who would it be?

6.Who is the best current Liverpool player?

7.Who is the best all-time Liverpool player?

8.Who is your all-time favourite non-Liverpool player? (i.e. has never played for Liverpool)

9.Which would you choose – England winning the World Cup or Liverpool winning the Premier League?

10.Which current Premier League player would you most like Liverpool to sign?

11.Which overseas player would you most like Liverpool to sign?

12.If Rafa left Liverpool, who would you choose to be the next manager?

13.What is the best away stadium in England you have visited?

14.What is the best non-English stadium you have visited?

15.Which team’s fans are best when they visit Anfield?

16.What is your most memorable Liverpool game?

17.Which current Premier League player do you dislike the most?

18.What is the best goal you have seen scored by a Liverpool player?

19.Who is the best Liverpool manager of all time?

20.Which referee has been worst for Liverpool?


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