Editorial: Hillsborough – The Truth is out, and they lied

For the first time in 23 years, the families of the 96 killed and the survivors of the Hillsborough disaster will have slept a little easier last night.

After 23 years the Truth that we knew all along has finally been published.

Hillsborough Vigil at St George's Hall

Hillsborough Vigil at St George's Hall last night

The vigil held in Liverpool City Centre was a poignant round-up to the events of the day that saw the Hillsborough Independent Panel produce their report and release hundreds of thousands of previously unseen documents relating to the tragedy.

Whilst I expected the report to contain the truth as we knew it - my first reaction was still one of shock.

Testing the blood of young children for alcohol as they lay dead suggests that the cover-up by South Yorkshire Police began even sooner than I believed.  Meetings between Police bosses and union chiefs to grind out a 'rock solid story', alongside similar discussions with a Member of Parliament all point to a national disgrace.

The families yesterday, all family groups, were at pains to thank all those who have provided them with support down the years - crucially Liverpool and Everton fans in the city, and the wider public.

Their sons and daughters, wives, husbands, brothers and sisters, suffered- according to the flawed inquest - 'accidental death'.  After the revelations yesterday - including those that as many as 41 could have been saved even after 3:15 makes a mockery of what the authorities said for years.

After so many requests, the judiciary must quash those original verdicts and there should be a new inquest.

There are those still in positions of power and media influence - including in the police - who were involved with this massive cover up - the cover-up of 96 people being killed.  Who created a smear campaign not just on the dead, but on an entire city.

These people need to not only be removed from their positions of authority, but to face the full weight of justice.  For these people with blood on their hands - their sleep last night should have been a little uneasier.

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Editorial: Hillsborough – The Truth is out, and they lied

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