Disruptive Raheem Sterling move is right for Liverpool

The soon to be concluded transfer of Raheem Sterling away from Liverpool is right for our football club.

Raheem Sterling celebrates against Spurs (Anfield Online)

His attitude and performances over large swathes of last season hindered not only his own performances but also that of the club.  Team morale was surely dented and he turned the final few months of the season into his own soap opera - ultimately hampering club results on the pitch.

The Liverpool manager hardly covered himself in glory.

Just days after revelations from the players agent that he wouldn't 'ever' sign a new LFC contract - what happened? Would Brendan drop him from the squad or ignore the agent's outburst.  Neither.

He allowed him to travel with the squad but then placed him on the bench without any intention of bringing him on.  Many fans reflected after that it was a fudged decision - but it was all part of the difficulty of handling such a wayward player.

Since his early days at Liverpool there have been plenty of rumour in the city about off the pitch activity from the youngster.  In recent times this escalated with national newspapers featuring Raheem Sterling in a variety of 'situations'.

The BBC interview, against the clubs wishes, was another ill-advised stunt from player and agent - it ended up having the reverse effect of the PR 'view' it was supposed to generate. 'I'm not a moneygrabber' made the player look exactly that.

Liverpool have done well to hold firm for the 'almost' £50M transfer amount, although dmittedly QPR will be large beneficiaries of around £10M.  Raheem will get his unlimited riches and his agent will get a substantial fee.  Man City get another Englishman to add to their quota.

It's entirely possible that Sterling may go on to have a successful career at Man City - however Liverpool supporters looking back to his performances across the season - his anonymity in the Champions League - the presence of his agent - the media interest in off field activity - may have reason to suspect that Sterling lacks the grit to become a legend of the game.

Now then Brendan - use the money and buy a goalscorer.

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