Fans react to Stewart Downing transfer rumours

We'd like to say that the Stewart Downing to Newcastle transfer rumour has divided opinion, but most LFC fans are on one side of the fence.

The Liverpool Echo and the Times both reported that the Geordies had tabled a £5M opening bid for the player.

Here are a selection of what the fans and the hacks have been saying:

But there were some voices thinking we should keep hold of him.

Meanwhile, two journalists dampened down the possibilty of a move to Newcastle

The bottom line is that at a purchase price of £20M spread over 4 season - not to mention the rumoured £4M a year in wages - that is a total cost to LFC of £9M a year for the next two years.  It's a very attractive financial proposition for the club to sell him.

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Fans react to Stewart Downing transfer rumours

  1. i dont understand, downing is english. why would newcastle sign a player that cant communicate with the rest of the squad – his french is very poor. plus shouldnt he hate newcastle being a boro kid?

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