Houllier: Fowler like a son, but one day you’re son has to leave the house

Houllier today paid a warm tribute to Fowler ahead of what is bound to be a passionate home encounter against Manchester City. It will be Fowler’s first game at Anfield since he left for Leeds United in November 2001.

His old boss believes the Kop will relish the chance to thank Fowler for his 10 years service to the club but also predicts the carnival atmosphere will offer even greater backing to the current Reds’ side in a vital match towards achieving a Champions League place.

Houllier said today:

“Robbie will always be remembered by me as a Liverpool son – just as his new manager Kevin Keegan is.

“When I think of Robbie I think only of positive things. He will always be welcome here and whenever he comes to Melwood the players and staff are happy to see him.

“He was very popular with the staff, the fans and the players.

“I am sure the fans will cheer him like they do whenever ex-players who have served us well return.

“I like that about this club. But at the same time I’m sure they will support us even more because they know what is at stake. I’m sure Robbie would be the first to acknowledge and understand that. The most important thing for us is that we win the game.”

Houllier added:

“It was a shame for Robbie and he suffered so many injuries. But when a player leaves you always think of the good things about him.

“I can still remember the goal he scored in the Worthington Cup Final against Birmingham and the goal he scored against Alaves in the UEFA Cup and then a few days later against Charlton which took us into the Champions League.

“They are my memories of Robbie. Robbie is also one of those players with a great sense of humour and he’s also one of the most honest players I have dealt with.

“I really can’t say anything bad about Robbie and I’m sure he can’t say anything about the club either.

“As I said, he’s like a Liverpool son but sometimes in life there comes a point when your son has to leave the house.”

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