£6 million for United defender?

If rumours are to be believed, Gabriel Heinze of Man United could be heading to Anfield, as Liverpool want to hijack Real Madrid’s planned offer of £6 million.

The player, who has fallen down the pecking order at Old Trafford due to Patrice Evra’s form, can play at left back. He is currently playing in the Copa America tournament, but is expected to decide on his future when he returns.

Sir Alex Ferguson would no doubt aim to prevent the player moving to Anfield, and this seems the major stumbling block to a proposed deal.

It highlights that the reds are looking at not only increasing our attacking options but also the left back role.

What do you think about a potential move for Gabriel Heinze?

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£6 million for United defender?

  1. I was hoping we didn’t get him due to the fact he’s sooooo camp. I couldn’t bear seeing him in a Liverpool shirt after mocking him for so long. But it doesn’t matter now as he’s not coming. He’s set to stay on at Man Utd.

  2. Nooooooooooooooo! I hate that shower of Mancs from down the road so much why do we have to give them money! Heinze is quality but giving money to all at Castle Greyskull i would rather buy off the Blue S****E! But then again i wouldn’t want Phil Neville would you!

  3. I think Heinze was a class player with a good bite to his tackles but his form has dipped the last two seasons so is he worth the risk as well as been a ManU player, if he is not good enough for them why is he good enough for thr Real Red Army!!!

  4. not 2 keen on heinze as hes liable 2 mistakes and if u saw him against kaka that proves a deccent player can have him on toast!!

  5. Don’t you think old whiskey face would put the blocks on a move to us! He wouldnt risk it, I dont think you will see any half decent player go direct from them to us, and vice versa. But I do rate him, and I think Forlan was good as well, better than Smith and Saha. Anyway nice to see Fergie continuing with letting decent players go and crap stay, he only gets it right now and again, and thats normally when he goes out and buys an obvious star player for 28 million.

  6. Forget who he has played for in the past – the lads a footballer!!!!! he would be a great addition to our squad, besides it would give the lads some 1 to take there frustration out on – on the training ground hahahaha.

  7. I think milito from zaragoza would be a good striker – as for heinze he is a great defender but he plays for man u,can’t we do any better? It’ls not that there are no other players.

  8. i know there is ill feeling between us and the mancs but a see heinze as a good buy, at only 5m he will give options other than aurileo at left back and cover for cb. riise can then move into the left wing role where he is much better suited.
    i still think rafa will try and buy simao for the right.

  9. I think Heinze (beans) would be a quality buy and a perfect addition to our defence (which is short on quality). Technically, Argentine players are sound footballers who tend to prove their quality in their control of the ball whilst not being shy to put the foot into the tackle. I’d be surpised if Fergie would allow Heinze come to LFC. Regarding Torres, i’m not sure, it seems a lot of money for someone not proven in the premiership. I’m sure Torres is quality but the premiership is totally different to La liga (ask Morrientes). Again, i’d go for an Argentine player, that is Tevez, i think the man has star quality and has what it takes to take LFC to the next chapter in our history, that is ‘Premiership Champions’. Tevez is a clinical finisher and a playmaker, he also showed commitment to the hammers in keeping them up when a lot of players of his calibre would of gone AWOL.

  10. NO! why do we want a Man Utd scum!! WE DONT FFS! lol and he’s a dirty l’il w***er aswell!! forget him cocky git, i’d rather ave Aurelio playin than him and thats saying something!

  11. i really think benetiz should look for another left back because liverpool shouldn’t stoop to that level were we buy manu rejects

  12. Very good player and better than Evra. Can’t believe Fergie would allow the move due to “history”. That would allow Riise to move forward where his shooting and long throws would be of more benefit than being wasted at left back. Never understood why Warnock was sold as far better than Aurelio and Arbeloa. Rumours of trying to get two wingers, will be lucky to get one. Fully expect them to forgive Kewell for being a waste of space and offer him a new contract and as he hasn’t played he will be the “new” winger. Why was Sisso offered a new contract. He’s clumsy, can’t pass, unlikely to score, gives the ball away and wont be preferred to either Alonso or Macho. Should have sold him along with Kewell, Zenden and Gonzo. We should also be looking in Holland for players rather than Spain as they are cheaper and adapt better. Torres is a huge gamble and at £25m with Garcia in the deal is not good business. Getting on for 6 weeks since Rafa’s rant and Deja Vu setting in. Still no mention of a quality centre back. Oh well third or fourth place it is then.

  13. I think a move for Heinze is a good one, he is a solid defensive player with attacking qualities and seems to possess the work ethic Rafa requires from his players and would fit in regardless of the UTD rivalry. Don’t think manure will want him to come to us, but if use the Fifa ruling then it shouldn’t be a problem. Hope it pulls off, maybe it will mean the end of Riise!!

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