Aston Villa 0-0 Mascherano: We should have gone to Portugal

Javier Mascherano looked like a decent signing for Liverpool at Villa Park today. And, er, that’s about it.

Liverpool played out a dull 0-0 draw today at Aston Villa: the Liverpool faithful certainly were not entertained on this snowy March Sunday afternoon.

Momo Sissoko, clearly in need of those magic glasses he wore briefly last year, seems to have completely forgotten who his team-mates are judging by his inability to pass to them. Steven Gerrard was poor, in fact only one player crowned himself in some form of glory and that was new boy Javier Mascherano. His failure to fit in at West Ham is only seeming to be more bizarre as he was, in our humble opinion, our man of the match. West Ham possibly deserve to go down for not playing him in their side.

All in all, the next time the reds have a 10 day break in between games – they would be better off going back on one of those ‘bonding’ trips in Portugal, have a bit of a fight, then come back and put in a decent performance.

Next up Arsenal. Think I will avoid Eamonn Dunphy and the cast of RTE’s analysis of this game….

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Aston Villa 0-0 Mascherano: We should have gone to Portugal

  1. why so negative to our beloved team, and whos the prat telling liverpool to get rid of Benitez, please i have heard enough, liverpool have been totally revamped by the manager, just listen to what our very own liverpool boys tell you, carragher has said he is brilliant and you get a fan at the top of this messageboard saying get rid of him, yes we need more quality going past players and probably players who have more pace but actually do somthing with the pace, stay red and back the team, believe me we must keep Rafa or we face going back 3/5 years in terms of development please know the game before you make a comment Mr John Toher

  2. Silly lot…liverpool has no problem in midfield. the problem is right is in the opposition penalty area. someone who attacks the ball in the air or on the ground. someone who given half cahnce will kick the ball on target and not pass it around or someone the like of robben or ronaldo who runs at defense to shoot at goal and not pass it around. liverpool players need to be ruthless in front of the opponents goal. the defenders also need to be ruthless to get the ball off the liverpools danger area. currently both are still not good enough..

  3. i thaught liverpool were playing like a sunday league team on the weekend against villa they just could not strig a pass together. what happend to the team that played against chelsea?

  4. Momo is fantastic! The way he came back from injury to play v.s. Barsa-it was fantastic! He is becoming more better and better,and at the age 22-I think he will be the same thing that was Vieira for Arsenal! GO MOMO! Serbian fans are with you!

  5. And yet most of our fans are totally in love with Momo and for the life of me I just can’t see why. I have be getting some serious earache from Reds fans for stating the obvious. Yes, he does win the ball but nine out ten times he immediately passes it back to the opposition. And he that terrible habit of giving away silly fouls and getting booked. I am sorry, he is not good enough for Liverpool and would have been a good signing for Everton. He would have fit right in at Goodison Park, they love their yard dogs!!

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