Barcelona: Do they want to hang on to Eto’o

The Catalan giants appear to either be trying to up the asking price on Samuel Eto’o in light of Liverpool and Arsenal’s interest – or they really don’t want to lose their striker.

Reports from Spain’s today have suggested that Liverpool have offered somewhere in the region of 60 million euros (around £42 million) for Samuel Eto’o. The AS newspaper, and the El Mundo Sport, have both suggested that the inclusion of either Xabi Alonso, or Momo Sissoko could knock as much as £15 million off that price.

Despite a serious knee injury the striker scored 12 times in 15 starts and with Barcelona still challenging Madrid for the title he could still have a major say in this year’s La Liga.

However, we believe some of the wild prices discussed today are simply newspaper fantasy. Although Rafa has been told he will be supported in the transfer market – a valuation of nearly £45 million is fanciful. Only weeks ago Barca were discussing a trade with Arsenal for Henry + cash. To add to it all Sky Sports published an article insisting that Barcelona no longer want to sell the player. In our view, it appears the media, as well as Barcelona, think that Liverpool will be bullied in to paying ANY transfer fee. This simply won’t happen. There are no blank cheques and there are more than enough strikers available for values less than half that amount.

Barcelona, nor any club, will be able to keep hold of a player if he truly wants to join Liverpool. Only then can an appropriate transfer fee be reached.

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Barcelona: Do they want to hang on to Eto’o

  1. To tore. Our finances are now (finally) in order and we have money to spend. you are right in saying money isnt everything. the prestige LFC have generated in europe over the past few years is fantastic. we are back to being a genuine euro heavyweight.and now have the cash to back it.our new stadium and a few world class signings will change your u didnt call us a small club in 2005.

  2. Liverpool should still go after eto but they have suddenly
    forgotten about tevez and maybe they should go after a
    defender or two

  3. I only said he could join Arsenal because he has expressed a desire to play under Wenger. Not the size of the club in any means. I am well aware of how Arsenal did in CL and PL. The fact that u say Liverpool doesnt have the funds to buy good strikers, that just underlines my point. That Liverpool, compared to Barcelona and Milan are a small club and would be considerd a step back for world stars now adays. I know, i know, money isnt all, but it is alot for footballing clubs now, unfair and not so positive, you bet! But the fact of the matter is, big clubs in european measures have a good financial status. While the smaller clubs do not.

  4. I think they should give up on eto and focus on another striker that has a good finishing touch. Torres, for example, is young and a good, strong, steady, and good finisher young striker. Villa too. They should focus on these two players. Get rid of those lousy strikers such as bellamy.

  5. to tore who says that liverpool would be a step down then in the same sentence said he would go to arsenal !! how can you say such stupid crap when they finished behind us in the league, and did crap in the champions league. then you go on to say that eto’o wouldn’t fit in to our style of play because we play defensive. well that’s because we haven’t had the funds to buy quality attacking players. and if a player like eto’o can’t fit into any team then he ain’t worth having in the first place !!. to be honest i don’t think he would do that well in the premiership. i would prefer to see a player like rooney at anfield, ( like rooney !!)

  6. i doubt eto’o will be going to anfield,david villa could be a good signing but lets hope we dont end up with another morientes,he was named for scoring but couldnt do it.what about some young brazilians?kerlon and carlos alberto seem to be doing well in the brazilian league.bellamy is the no1 target 2 be leaving so kuyt along-side villa should get liverpool far although eto’o would be good.

  7. Squirrel,

    Klose is close to agreeing a deal with Bayern so he wont be going to Liverpool. We need to sign either eto’o or david villa along with Owen and gettin rid of Bellamy and Cisse for good.

  8. I think the point is that all of this speculation is coming with two games left of the Spanish season. The stories stating Eto’o is leaving have appeared in Madrid based papers who have a strong interest in causing problems in the Barcelona squad, hence the stories about Eto’o leaving and Ronaldinho going to AC Milan.

  9. Well it wouldn’t be as if Liverpool wouldn’t spend ridiculous money on a striker. Every season they need new firepower, and usually spend dumb amounts, Diouf & Cisse are obviously the worst cases, Heskey, Garcia and perhaps even Barros fall into the mold of failing their expectations. Kuyt, Bellamy & Crouch are obviously the best strikers since Hoof-man signed Jari (a class act [with McCallister] whose departures saw Liverpool drop 20pts on the title chase the next season).

    Eto-o for 50mil? Probably would happen.

  10. Well, im not sure where you all got that Eto’o truly wants to join Liverpool? I mean, the Anfield crowd is awesome, but in my neutral opinion its taking a step down. Just look at Garcia and Zenden. They were surplus at Nou Camp and ended up in Liverpool. If Eto’o leaves, it will be for AC Milan or Inter perhaps, maybe even Arsenal. Like Robinho said, leaving Real Madrid for Tottenham is a step back in the wrong direction. Liverpool may play a sound defencive football that brings in the points, but thats not how Eto’o likes his footballing.

  11. I don’t honestly think we are after ETO, I think the main target is Tevez probably with Bent if Bellamy is sold.

    It may well be Klose to team up with Voronin or Amauri. The latter is stirring up interest from other clubs lately.

    Eto would only arrive if say Sissoko moves + 15M.

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