Benitez warns players to focus on Man City

Rafa has told the players to stay focussed on tomorrow’s clash against Manchester City as the reds look to cement their qualification for next years Champions League.

As the reds can see a mouth-watering semi-final clash against Chelsea, Benitez has been quick to stress that European Cup qualification for next season is a vital part of Benitez’ Anfield rejuvenation.

“I was pleased with the players last weekend at Reading because they showed they could focus on the Premiership and put the European games to the back of their minds. The message to them this weekend is exactly the same,” he said.
“We know people are talking about the Chelsea games but for us it’s important to concentrate on the league at this moment. We have three games to play before the Champions League and if we can win them our situation in the table will be a lot more comfortable. I think two wins between now and the end of the season could be enough and we want to get them as quickly as possible.” 
“It will be another hard game for us because they have done well of late,” added Benitez. “They’ve had some problems at home but they’re still a good side.”

Bolton are currently 5th with 54 points from 33 matches. The reds are 3rd with 60 points after 32 games.  If Bolton win all their games they can reach 69 points.  To secure qualification (assuming Bolton achieve this feat) the reds need 3 more victories.

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Benitez warns players to focus on Man City

  1. Hope you guys loose saturday. We need some big victories now and then. Then I hope you cruise by Chelski in the semis and then destroy scum in the finals.

  2. Message from a Man City fan. Hope you lose against us tomorrow, but desperately hope that you win Champions League. That would be 6 against 2 for the Scum.

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