Carragher backing the new US-Liverpool constitution

Jamie Carragher has put his view on the recent takeover at Anfield – after discussing the deal with both the players and the new American owners.

Speaking to the Liverpool website, Carragher said:

“All the players have been talking to each other for the last few days and we’re all excited this is going to move the club forward.”

“We’re hoping it’s going to help us get to the level of Manchester United. It would be nice to think we’ll have as much money as Chelsea, but I think that’s unrealistic.

“Being able to compete in the transfer market with United would be good enough, and being able to sign players of the calibre they’ve managed in the last 10 years would make a big difference.

“I look at it as a supporter as much as a player, and the main thing is to have a great team competing for honours every year in a brilliant new stadium. That’s a legacy which will serve the club for the next 100 years and our children and grandchildren will enjoy.

“We only spoke for 10 to 15 minutes on Monday night. They just told me and Stevie the same things as were mentioned in the press conference, telling us they had the interests of the club at heart and want to bring success to the club. That’s all you want to hear.”

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Carragher backing the new US-Liverpool constitution

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