Comment: Goodnight Mourinho – Reds check your passports

Anfield lit up once more for another European night.  There were no flags placed on seats for half-interested football supporters to pick up and wave for 3 minutes before settling down to their prawn sandwiches.

The memories of Chelsea’s artificial atmosphere last week, held up by their Russian roubles, with their psychologically impaired manager drifted away as 7.45pm approached.

For all Jose Mourinho’s comments over the past 10 days, his side – assembled at massive cost – yet again failed to score at Anfield. This time they had 120 minutes and still couldn’t manage it. 

Jose Mourinho, still found himself unable to agree that the reds were the better side on the night even though the reds dominated possession, actually won the game, had a perfectly legal goal disallowed and then held their nerve and managed to score all their penalties against ‘supposedly’ the best keeper in the World.

Anyway, we at Anfield Online, are fairly confident that thankfully that will be the last time we will have to listen to Jose Mourinho’s childish bleating. His ‘quadruple’ has imploded and all of a sudden he finds himself playing for just the FA Cup. If Roman’s got any sense he would kick him in to touch this summer.  Besides that – they actually play some of the dullest long-ball football I have ever seen. 

Enough about Chelsea. Let’s face it – what have they ever done. No need to renew your passports fellas. 

Watch the goals, chat about the game, laugh about Mourinho, mock all the bitter Evertonians… you can do it all – and more.. in the forum.

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Comment: Goodnight Mourinho – Reds check your passports

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  2. we fully deserved it because of the performance at Anfield and we were just stronger at home than what they were and they failed to capitalise on chances in the 1st leg but it was great to knock them out and Athens ere we come – bring it on milan!! p.s mourinho cannot take defeat, the man needs to shut it for once and take that the better side went through.

  3. Yet again a tremendous show of proffesionalism from Rafa and the red men , roll up the sleeves, get in do the job , ignore the bleeting from the “Chosen One” and look forward to another final. Not a bad achievement for a “little Club”. Does anybody know a good carpenter ? seems were going to have to make a bigger trophy cabinet soon.

  4. Nice one Red Men Greece here we come, Everything Jose says the opposite is true, LFC – long ball team, no thats Chelsea, only team trying to win the game were in blue, no red Jose, cant remember chelsea hitting the bar and having a legal goal disallowed, had to laugh at the ITV pundits, before the spot kicks all the talk was about how great Cech is and the favourites would be Chelsea, sort your facts out, Pepe is the best penalty stopper in the world, his record is unbelievable, something like 7 out of 10.

    Come on Milan !!!!!

  5. jose showed lack of class and humility by not conceding his side losed to the better team! no ‘ghost goals’, no arguments! rafas men showed experience and tactical maturity to take liverpool football club to 3rd final in 2 years!!! after 2 legs it came down to a penalty shoot out, thats where our composure told! no doubt it was close but we’re there! IN ANCIENT GREESE WE’LL WIN IT 6 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Firstly let it be known that I am a chelsea fan!, secondly let it be known that it pains me to say it, but I could not agree more with your article!.

    What a dissapointing night, this should be one of the most important game that some of players will ever play in, but with the world class players we have only I felt Essien and Maka turned up, its about time fat frank just went to Barca, if thats what he wants to do just go, Joe Cole I was so pleased to see come back but even I a Chelsea supporter since I could barely walk was shouting at him to get back on his feet, we showed little desire to win the game.

    I feel that while Mourinho has installed a winning mentality at Chelsea and no one can argue that the team is well organised, a game like tonight against one of our most fierce rivals is all about passion and a will to win, apart from the exceptions above I did not see any of this from any Chelsea player, there are to many freeloaders just turning up taking their £100k a week and doing nothing else.

    Anyway I am big enough to say (unlike Jose) that (although I am absolutely gutted) all the best to Liverpool in the final, I sincerely hope you do the Mancs, one final note here’s to next year, I can but dream!

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