Fergie backs Rafa over fixture issues

News has been circulating this week that Rafa has been compiling a dossier on Liverpool’s early kick offs in his belief that the reds are being unfairly treated.

Indeed last season the reds played 10 of their 38 league games on an early 12:45 kick off.  The next club in the list only played 5 times, with Middlesbrough playing 0.

Today, even United boss Ferguson, admitted that the early kick offs could hamper a teams performance.

Ferguson said:

“Rafa is quite right to complain. If there is an unfairness against teams, it should be addressed but I don’t know if the authorities would listen.”

“Over the last five years, we have had more lunchtime kick-offs than anyone and you would think that deserves some kind of attention.

“The Premier League are to blame. I accept, given when the fixture lists come out, it is just unfortunate if you find yourself away from home after a European tie but Rafa is talking about the lunchtime kick-offs.”

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Fergie backs Rafa over fixture issues

  1. I think that all the premiership teams should have the same number of lunchtime kick offs as everyone else then its fair to everyone.

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