Heinze leaves pathetic United

Gabriel Heinze will at least not have to endure a season of playing in United’s reserves, and receive abuse from the prawn-sandwich brigade, as he is set to complete an £8 million move to Real Madrid today.

The offer from Real Madrid had been made shortly after Liverpool stepped in with the £6.8 million bid but the Argentine defender had refused to look at the deal at the time due to his desire to move to Liverpool FC.

The FA Premier League panel’s decision on Tuesday ended any realistic chance of a Liverpool move this season, and with United allowed 14 days to respond to an appeal request the transfer window would have been firmly shut.

No player clearly could stay at a club after these circumstances and the player will move to Real Madrid, who in any case are looking for a defender after Roberto Carlos’ exit.

Liverpool’s  attention will now be fixed on the purchase of a new left back although some people argue the reds have ample cover already.


What does everyone think about Evra?

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Heinze leaves pathetic United

  1. i think we only need to look how united are curently coping with lack of cover in defence
    heinze was i think a very good agressive defender and comments made about him being second fiddle to evra are laughable
    i mean mascherano couldnt get into a struggling west ham side and now look at him
    rafa has an eye for a quality player regardless if he plays regular or not
    i think we have a great squad ,the addition of another tough tackler in defence would be greatly welcomed i feel

  2. Conspiracy theory No. 1

    Heinze realised that he was not first choice at United and would probably spend a lot of the season on the bench. The problem is that United have little or no other credible alternatives to the two current underperforming centre backs.

    How can Heinze ensure that any transfer request is successful?
    Easy. Ask for a transfer to Liverpool saying you want to play for a team with genuine European pedigree. Having lit the blue touch paper, step back and watch Ferguson explode. If the move to Liverpool suceeds, fine, if it doesn’t he’s definately on his way somewhere.

  3. Gee . You counted your chickens before they were hatched. Jason you must be sick with anger !Your capo was so sure of signing Gabby, that he had no other signing ready. And what is this secret agreement with Crystal Palace ? The worms are coming out of the box you opened!!Please tell your capo not to imitate Murinio and start thinking that everyone is conspirising against him .Is it pressure ? Too early !

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