LFC News Round Up (14 June 2007)

It’s been a busy day, but if you’re expecting a big name signing in this round-up – best to look away now.

Fowler for Rangers?

After all the talk of Robbie travelling to all four corners of the world to play football, he could be set to join Glasgow Rangers. Former Everton boss Walter Smith is considering taking the player to Ibrox. According to Fowler’s agent:

” Robbie wants to play for Rangers to add medals to his collection. He would score goals that qualified them for the Champions League and the signing would pay for itself although money is not an issue ”

Villa and the other Villa

The Premiership Fixtures for 2007/08 were released today and the reds are handed another opening day away tie. The reds will also finish away from Anfield.  Liverpool will take on Aston Villa at Villa Park on the opening weekend of the season.  A week after the start of the season, Chelsea pay a visit to Anfield.

And potential Liverpool target David Villa of Valencia looks set to honour his contract at the Mestella. The player is reported to have said:

“My wish is to stay here. Not only this year but in the future because I am under contract and I hope I can extend it.

“In any case, we will have to wait and see what happens this summer.”

Jerzy Dudek & Real Madrid

Liverpool’s tenth choice keeper is wanted by none other than  Real Madrid.

Go on – go back and read that sentence again.

Speaking on his official website the big pole had this to say:

“After today’s press speculation, I must admit that I have received an offer from one of the greatest clubs in the world – if not the greatest one.

“I had to keep it quiet for a long time as the first contact was established over a dozen days ago.

“The offer is an honour for me. I am seriously considering it.

“At the moment, I can say that a few details have already been agreed upon.”

Words fail me.

Alonso gets all excited

Xabi didn’t sign his new five year deal just because he loves those late night guitar sessions with Luis Garcia. He snubbed some big offers because he is all excited.

“There was interest from big clubs but I want to be part of what lies ahead as I know it’s going to be incredibly exciting.

“I signed for another five years and there’s no reason why we cannot be successful.”

Liverpool confirm huge transfer target…

Well, if you consider a £1 million deal for Yossi Benayoun of West Ham United to be a huge target.

The player is stalling on signing a new deal at West Ham as the Liverpool deal gets pushed through. Rick Parry denies the miserly £1 million figure – in fact it could be as much as £3 million.

There’s going to be no stopping us in the Premiership at this rate. Just what we needed too – another midfielder to carry Xabi’s, Gerrard’s, Mascherano’s or Sissoko’s bags on to the coach.

And finally…

If that hasn’t completely ruined your evening how about the news that Liverpool supporters are the second most unfashionable in English football. According to a survey by Brylcreem that is. They surveryed supporters about their favourite hairstyles, clothes, labels, drinks, holidays and nights out.

Reading were the worst set of fans, Chelsea were 4th from bottom and both United and Arsenal were threatening the relegation spots.

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LFC News Round Up (14 June 2007)

  1. I just don’t know what to say about what is going on at this great club. Man U Chelsea have all made signings and what have we done nothing. the way things look we will not be going for the league title as we don’t have any decent players. rafa has done the right things by getting rid of zenden and dudek and so on but the players who he wants to bring in are a joke. evry year we get excited to the players we going to sign but end up getting a load of rubbish who can’t do it week in week out and when the european games come they up their game but that is not good enough. i nearly cried when i heard we made an offer for Benayoun!!!what a crap player i don’t care what others say. man u have ronaldo chelsea wright-phillips but we want to get him??what for.if want to challenge we need players like simao who are quality.man u signed nani what i have seen of him he is not all that. why doesnt rafa go for defoe he is quality and if reports are correct if bent goes to spurs then we can get him on the cheap. i don’t mind bent but not for that price that is a joke. bloke who has no european experience played for england once £18m give us a break.we don’t need any more midfielders we need less in fact.come on rafa put a smile back on our faces please as i am in breakdown at the moment buy quality p.s. not forlan.

  2. Totally agree with you Kalijaga, It is now getting to the stage when you have to question pretty much everyone at the top, yes Rafa has his hands tied we think..( but we do not even know 20 % of the inside story)

    The probelem is coming from either the lack of communication with the yanks not in touch and the communication is not getting to the business end fast enough, hence slowing down the deals that Parry and Rafa need to get done. How do we blame…..

    Bottom line, this year is the year which is so.. so vital to get at least the srating 11 filled in every position with good squad cover, it seems we do not have a big budget to play with, but its not just that, frustrating me and other fans, its why we are going after certian targets which are just so over priced, take BENT AT 17 MILL what a total joke, when theres DEFOE out there for 10 mill and he is on Cheaper wages.. then take benayoun,, well dont get me going with that crappy player when theres L. GUILY FORM BARCA OUT THERE FOR 1.5 MILL,,,, do i need to go on,, it does look like another summer in the market were liverpool again spend more money on 40% good and 60% bad on below par players, which will then set us back another rebuilding start to another season, then start all over agian, then the fans can use that big stament ” oh well we will re – build and wait to the transfer window” let face it liverpool have a bad history on wasting huge amounts of money and lets get to the point liverpool are just not very good at attracting the very best WHY.. I DO NOT KNOW…… WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP AT THE CLUB AT THE PRSESNT TIME..

  3. It’s look like we’re set to miss out David Villa again. This thing should not be happen. It happen because our co-owner did’nt want to back up Rafa for summer signing. It’s really dissapointed. Please someone out there….do something for this lovely club.!!!!!

  4. Dave

    Thanks for the great roundup, some choice comments in there.

    Perhaps Rafa’s plan is to play a new formation of 4, 6, 0, with the amout of midfielders he’s getting on board.

  5. I like the fact that we’re one of the least fashionable. What’s wrong with being different and giving fashion and big money the finger??

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