Liverpool ready to move for more players

Liverpool’s spending this summer is not over, Rick Parry said today, as the reds are keen to reinvest the millions recouped in transfer fees this summer.

Liverpool have not only made a number of high profile signings but have also recouped substantially in the transfer market this summer with the sales principally of Djibril Cisse, Craig Bellamy and Luis Garcia alongside some minor younger player deals.

Rick Parry, the reds Chief Exec, today insisted that Liverpool will be in the hunt for players until the close of the transfer window at the end of August.

“There’s still a long way to go before the end of the transfer window. If a player is available and he’s right for this club then we will be interested.”

“There’s definitely a special buzz about the upcoming season. We’re all excited about the signings we’ve made and genuinely happy with what we’ve done,” said Parry.

Who’s left to purchase? The reds are known to still be keen on Gabriel Heinze and are still in the market for wingers. August may still prove to be an interesting month for new Anfield recruits.

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Liverpool ready to move for more players

  1. Rafa should buy quaresma as some other clubs are watching him closely. kewell cannot be relied on at this point and to confess, his output cannever be as high as that of quaresma even if he finds his best form. We need players that can win games. Quaresma can lift a team single-handedly. He would score at least 8 or more hopefully and that is good for any team. Why did he let united buy teves. He could easily have sold Kuyt and bought tevez who wanted to come to liverpool. he’s keeping Hyypia when Gabriel Milito and Chivu were available some time ago. some players arent just good enough and no matter the time you give them to gel they will never deliver. Kewell has been given the time in the world. He’s not just gonna save us.Kuyt doesnt have the ability to be a world class striker. He’s not so sharp and ruthless in front of goal. At this point we need predators. look at what suazo is doing for Inter, Diego is one of the best midfielders in Europe yet Benitez doesnt see a reason of bringing a player like that. In true fact Benitez is the best coach in the worls but his transfers are definately not the best.Just look at RIIJKard this season. well I hope and pray we make an impact this season. I love Liverpool.

  2. I think our team is strong with good players in all places except defender.We need 2 defenders to play with Carragher and to be replace with Finnan.

  3. some people have questioned the policy of buying young talent. This is actually vital for the success of any future club. most of these young players are between 16 and 19 which is a good age. We already have a good reserve squad and we send half a dozen players out on loan to gain experience, it is actually a good policy to buy the best young talent from all over the world, groom them in the liverpool way then play them in minor league and coca cola games to give experience. It is financially important as well as good for the future stability of our club

  4. i think world class players are more important; and if you have these world class players fit into the team, it will be great. look at chelsea when mourinho first arrived. he selected to buy only first class players which made him win the premiership trophy. so the team which spent money on world class players tend to lift up the trophy. the case of chevchenko is different: it depends on how you look at his playing. i don’t see anything wrong with him so far. he is a world class player. because he is a world class player, whenever he plays, he is sandwhiched by two or three opposite players at a time. this gave his teamates such as Drogba an opportunity to score goals easily because most players run after chechenko. so world class players come first; and system comes second.

  5. please….please sign quaresma..he is the best player n the player that fits our first team squad..he got the skills n everything that can classifies him a top class player. And,he is better than ronaldo if you watch him.its tru….

  6. finally, tevez is going to join United next week. that means this team is getting even stronger. tevez is clever and better than saha apparently. i don’t think we will get either quaresma and alves…rafa is too slow.

  7. Quaresma, daniel alves and David villa then we shall stop in the transfer market and wait for the new season to start to be champ again.

  8. read the gossip column in the bbc website: ‘Man Utd boss Sir Alex Ferguson has re-iterated his belief that Liverpool will not sign Gabriel Heinze. (Various)’…’Jose Mourinho’s side will use the cash they get for Robben on Seville’s Daniel Alves.(Various)’

    united’s fergie is too stuborn while RAFA is too slow. it is really unfortunate that sometimes the latter waits until all the very best players are taken away by other clubs, or he may move fast to sign second best players. this is the reason why Mourinho never thinks of liverpool a threat at all. in the end, quaresma and alves will go to other clubs.

  9. face it since the premiership started liver poo l have been the underdogs this will remain because its not about having the best players its about having the right system of players if someone dont fit into a team they dont look at ballack for chelsea and shevshenko both two of the best players in their positions and now look at them they are middle class players now because they dont work well with chelseas system its nothing to do with older more experianced players yeah the odd one helps but who in a couple of years time will be those expearenced players yes these so called younge players look at manchester uniteds Ronaldo he started off ok and one he matured over a couple of seasons no one could stop him my case is liverpool have had there time and now they are nothing im sorry how many times have you won the premiership OH !!!!!!!!! 000000000000000

  10. strengthen the present then the future will be bright..RAFA Should buy experienced players first.. then when the club is strong.. young players will be intrested to join..

    and Heinze will be nice..

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if the move for Heinze was done just to wind up Sir Alex. The press have been all over him which means he’s not able to talk about what he wants to talk about. Knowing his hairdryer temper, I would imagine this could disrupt his pre season.

    I suggest we table a bid for Shevchenko next to see if we cant wind up Jose too.

  12. The Skysports of August 1 says: ‘Sir Alex Ferguson has bemoaned the length of time it is taking for Carlos Tevez to seal his move to Manchester United.’

    Really happy to read this:) I hope Tevez to stay at West Ham rather than to join United. Fergie blocks Heize’s move to Liverpool so he deserves to be blocked to sign Tevez as well.

  13. as a liverpool fan, i was very tired of seeing RAFA sign new young players whom he described as the future of the club. i would think he should focus on the ‘present’ rather than ‘future’. we all accept that money plays a big part in winning trophies. why doesn’t Mr Rafa buy only experienced, top quality players to strengthen the squad? you cannot let us wait for another three years to build up the squad in order to win the premier trophy. look at arsenal’s players. they have excellent young players,who sometimes even defeat chelsea, but with these players they will never climb up to finish second or third in the premiership because most players lack experiences. RAFA has to accept this fact: it is as simple as that. so Mr Rafa should spend the rest of money on only best or top quality players to replace the less experienced players in the squad. Otherwise, winning the premier trophy is only a dream. Be more realistic! Do take comments of john barnes and steve macmanaman into account more seriously, Mr RAFA!!!!.

  14. i totally agree with jo above. in order to become a great manager of a football club, you, as a manager, need not only have a big squad with top players of great talent but you need to have a big heart as well. in oriental society a ‘big heart’ often counts more than winning the game itself.

  15. don’t understand why Fergie block liverpool for Heize. it is a childish attitude really. if you don’t want him in your first team you shouldn’t block his way out. every player has to choose their choice for the best of their career. honestly, i used to be ManU fan but this year i change to support liverpool instead because of this saga. i live in hongkong and own a somewhat big resturant. All the ManU posters in my resturant are banned. Fergie is just too narrow-minded to appreciate. winning the game is not as big as winning the hearts of the fans. you have to have an open heart to every team equally. Football is a fair game. i think FAFA should move for quaresma and alves quickly.

  16. i supported the move wholeheatedly. just remember the comments made by john barnes and mamanaman. for the latter the media reports: ‘Former Liverpool star Steve McManaman admitted the club will struggle to win the Premiership this season despite spending more than £40m on new players. Liverpool finished 21 points behind Manchester United last season – closer to 12th place than first.

    “I certainly think they’ll be in the top four,” McManaman told Five Live.

    either quaresma/alves (i prefer both) will be a great leap for liverpool. RAFA, please could you do something quickly?

  17. yes, definitely this is a good news. rather than shopping young players,i would like RAFA look for experienced, top quality
    players to strengthen the squad. you need to have best players in every position in order to secure the premier title. daniel alves
    is one of those players RAFA should go after. chelsea and ManU buy a few players but they selected to buy only the best players. Tevez, for example, has to be stopped by two or three players when he attacks.

  18. Quaresma will be a very good for liverpool…..forget Heinze…..Go for better option. Don’t be stupid where Liverpool got better option.

  19. we do require a winger, the only one to fit the bill is quaersma, from porto. he is as good or if not better than ronaldo. he willcost 16/17 mil but i reckon he will give us so much, he will be worth every penny. a winger we have had not since john barnes.quaresma ticks all boxes so rafa buy him and i reckon you will win the prem.

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