Mighty Reds unveil the mighty new Anfield

Liverpool today unveiled the plans for the brand new Anfield stadium. Chief Executive Rick Parry declared: ‘”We’re creating a stadium that not only the Club and supporters can be proud of, but something the whole city can be proud of. Liverpool as a city is on the move and deserves world class developments like this.

The club aim to open the stadium in the summer of 2010 and it the initial plans are for a 60,000 seater stadium (a 15,000 increase on the current stadium). The enormous new Kop stand, by far the largest stand in the new stadium will hold 18,000 fans alone in a single tier design. The stadium has the capacity to be increased to a capacity of 78,000 seats.

The entire investment has been budgeted at around £300 million including land developments in the area.

The club have released three images from stadium designers HKS – one from inside the ground facing the massive new Kop, and two exterior images.

Full size images of these designs are available in the forum or on the official website.

Exterior (South West view)

Exterior (South East View)

Interior (Facing the new Kop grandstand)

So then… what do you think of the plans for our new ground?

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Mighty Reds unveil the mighty new Anfield

  1. this stadium is the best one and it is better than the other stadium i like this one. it looks amazing you’ve done a good job.the design is brillant the best design in the world.

  2. wow what an amazing ground!!! its the nices and best stadium ive EVER seen.

    A brilliant stadium to match the briliant team !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. looks wonderful !!great design propably the best in the world!
    i m a gala fan and we start tomorrow building a new stadium and i m not sure if it is really the best whích they will build.
    new anfield looks futuristic but as a gala fan i know very well how important the CORNERS in a stadium are !!!please dont create there such a big hole !!that will kill the good ambiance you guys can make…greets from izmir turkey former ottoman empire

  4. Your stadium looks like its been made out of lego. Get up to Ibrox on a European night or an old firm game and realise what a proper football stadium is like.

  5. I am mesmorised by the design propals as its is more unique and inavative commared to the previous design which was a carbon copy of Sporting Lisbons ground. When people see this theyll say wow thats Liverpool we havnt seen anything like it! (Wouldve been just like the emiretes stadium – which looks like Benficas groud on the inside)

    Regarding the Sponsored name, i wouldnt want it but if the money is good i would rather it be named somthing like ” Carlsberg presents Anfield, or Anfield sponsored by Joe Bloggs” beacause either way your still going to call it anfield 🙂

  6. Agree with all that is said about capacity , LFC should be looking at 80,000 as a minium requirement ,£400 million is expensive enough and to only get 15,000 fans extra to start with is crap ,how many ppl waiting for season tickets ,come on Liverpool do the maths and get behind what the fans want .!

  7. Great stadium and unique design, ive been in anfield once when on trip in england and its a great stadium, and i love the great atmosphere in the stadium when i watch liverpool on tv. But I think more than 80.000 must be possible to fill, if u look at the stadium of ajax that got filled with atleast 40.000 supporters every home match and that in our small country..

  8. Well, Its fantastic, the world of football will love it, BUT. I think Liverpool FC have undervalued themselves, MU already have 75000+ stadium, given Liverpools history and the fan base around liverpool itself, plus people wjo will travel to them, I think they could have been even more adventurous. Well thats what I think anyway.

  9. it looks realy good im impressed wid the design, but 60 000 seats is not enough. the bigger the roar the better the atmosphear and the more people the more money for the club. i wan’t people to remember LFC stadium not just because of the smart design but the massive atmosphear inside. THIS IS ANFIELD give manu supporters somthing to remember. maybe 75-85 000 that would be amazin.

  10. I absolutely love this, its not another wembley/emirates clone, something approaching a proper modern English Stadium…at long last!

  11. Ive Been A Liverpool Surporter For 1 Year Now And That Past Year Surpoting Liverpool Has Been The Greatest , When I Was Younger I Hated Football But Now Its The Best Of The Best , Im Going To See Liverpool VS Aresnal In October My 1st Time At Anfield And There Be Many More To Come.

    The New Stadium Is Perfect , But Just Remeber , Its Not The Size , Its Not Its The Greatest , Its The Surporters That Makes Are Club The Greatest.

    Please Call The New Stadium Anfield


  12. I think it is a an amazing plan imagine sou standing in the kop listening to “you’ll never walk alone” it would be teriffic. keep the name as anfield

  13. rochadale :”Even if the capacity reaches the 78,000 it will still be less capacity than OT!

    Personally I think this is aiming low and it needs to be as you say bigger than what is being proposed!!!

    Espiecially if United increase their ground to what they want!!”.

    mate, it doesnt matter how many seats the mancs have, quite simply their ‘die hard support’ is much less than that of ours.
    id rather have a 60,000 sell out of screaming kopites on a european night, than there 10,000 ‘die hards’ and 80,000 prawn sandwhich fans filling up the seats!

    the plans are spot on!

  14. it looks amazing, i am just woundering will it really look like that or is that the finished look with the 78 000. must keep anfield as the name

  15. I have been going to Liverpool Since 1967.Please,please keep the name Anfield, it would’nt be the same withoutit. Ask the fans for there opinion

  16. Quote “Jamie Mac July 25th, 2007 | (14:46) Bob on, canny wait, it will be bigger and much better than that s***e up the road in salford!!!”

    Even if the capacity reaches the 78,000 it will still be less capacity than OT!

    Personally I think this is aiming low and it needs to be as you say bigger than what is being proposed!!!

    Espiecially if United increase their ground to what they want!!

  17. Amazing Design, the equal of any in World. It say’s in a modern new way “THIS IS ANFIELD!”, so it should have the name Anfield also.

  18. We are unique as a club and our church should stay that way also. What a fantastic design , glad it incorporates separate stands as the other fish bowls around seem to lose atmosphere. Can anyone imagine what this kop will sound like ! Getting goose pimples already !

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