New Anfield regime doing the right things

Jose ReinaThe extended contract handed today to Jose Reina was yet another significant step forward in the next stage of Liverpool’s development.

Following on from Gerrard and Carragher’s 4 year contract extensions last week, Jose Reina signed a new 5 year contract with Liverpool keeping the player at Anfield until 2012.  These three ‘signings’ have been swift and well executed, unlike the previous regime when financial planning was much less optomistic and almost cost the club severely – as Steven Gerrard’ s Liverpool future was on the brink after Istanbul.

Reina was thrilled:

“I am very happy with this contract. It was always my wish to sign a new deal because this is a good club which is looking forward to a very ambitious and attractive project.
“The details of the contract were very straightforward. Rick Parry and the American owners made everything easy and in the end it was a good solution for the club and a good solution for me.
“I spoke with Rafa and his thoughts for the future really excited me. He has ambitions for the team which I want to be part of and I’m sure the other players feel the same. The idea now for all of us is to keep winning matches and to challenge for titles. That’s what we’ll be looking for from the start of next season.
“Our fans deserve the league title and that’s what we’ll be looking for. Seventeen years without winning it is far too long for this club and that’s why our biggest target next year has to be the Premiership.”

With finalised stadium plans going in front of the council in a couple of weeks, promising an initial 66,000 seater on completion and a 19,000 seater Kop, all we need now is some of the juicy transfer speculation to come to fruition and it really could be another Summer of Love.

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New Anfield regime doing the right things

  1. me being an arsenal fan,may not have an intimate affection for liverpool but still
    lvc needs nothing.i know i am not an expert but still they are fine with their current squad.rafa has his rotation policy which i think ?
    may be their new stadium{new Anfield} might do the magic.Now i am not saying Anfield is all bad .matter of fact the stadium is full of rich history and tradition,more importantly it’s their home.i hope rafa gets it right and new Anfield does the magic.

  2. yeah king, your on the money. no more spending money on second rate players. rafa done good with limited resources, and the yanks are fulla bull then we arent limited anymore. spend the money, bring the talent. then spend on youth to ensure we have a pool of quality players in the years to come. looks like carson will stay so were good there, but i agree we need atleast 2 defenders, 2 wingers, and atleast one world class striker. no use procrastinating. we need action. now. or in true liverpool fashion we’ll leave it too late and kop our third of fourth rafa we trust….for now. liverpool for life.

  3. O and also forgot to say that Morten Gamst Pedersen is not good enough to play for are First Team he’s a second rate player and as a massive Liverpool FC fan I am getting sick to death with us being linked with second rate players or people saying we should get this player or that player. Players Like Darren Bent, Jermaine Defo, Matthew Taylor, Leighton Baines, Diego Forlan, Nigel Reo-Coker, Yossi Benayoun, O and whats this thing about Michael Owen? he’s an injury prone and I don’t think he would be worth getting and certainly not worth 10m at the moment.

  4. Yeah it’s good that are best players have signed 5 year contracts like! but we always new they where so I don’t know what’s the big fuss really! and it’s all well Rafa getting in all these young players but we need more for the first team cos all we have brough in is Andriy Voronin, Sebastián Leto, Lucas Leiva, and it’s no where never enough! we need world class players!. We need at least 3 Defender! one being Dani Alves if we can get him if not then just the 2 for now! and we need a couple of wingers like even like Leto is Brilliant like and also at least 2 strikers and also 2 Goalkeepers if Carson is gona be leaving as well as Dudek an also where’s Lucas going to be playing? surly not the bench cos he’s world class from what I heard and seen with my own eyes and we also gota move quicker in the Transfer Market.

  5. LFC is going in the right direction with Stevie G, Alonso, Carra and Reina all signing long term. All we need is:

    1. Loan out Mark Gonzalez to a lower prem club. He needs first team football and EPL experience. Dont sell young talents after 1 season. Classic case: Anelka. Look at him now.
    2. Buy Tevez (proven in the prem). Masch can do some goodwill talking for us.
    3. Keep Bellers and Crouchy. Craig will come good next season and Peter is one of a kind and just look at his goal ratio.
    4. Buy Malouda and Simao. (left and right wing) reasonable as we have been linked strongly with them and they also would like to come. Simao in fact pulled out at the 11th hour last season due to the club not wanting to sell him. We need heart, not just skills.
    5. Keep Kewell. He is fit and looks exciting in the last few matches he came on for towards the end of last season. IMO, his fire will be burning more after what happen last season just like King Luis and we as LFC supporters should stand by them. Players to watch.
    6. Sell players who already have no red in their heart. Cisse, Le Tellec, and all that bunch.
    7. Don’t buy Eto’. He has express that he would like to stay in Barca for 1 more season and that for me shows no desire to pull on the red shirt. Would prefer Owen but i think Big Sam has done all the convincing.

    Thats all we need. We dont need to restructure the whole squad again. Let them Gel or we will have the same season as the last. In Rafa We trust. YNWA. JFT96.

  6. I think we should swop Bellamy and Cisse + a few million £s for Tevez and ask swop Kewell + a few million for Blackburn’s Pederson. We need to buy world class players NOW. I hate to say it but look at ManU and Chelski

  7. We need Tevez and Morton Gamst Pederson and a world class centre half, then I think we can start thinking about winning the premiership next season. Tevez and Pederson have proved it in the premiership. Etoo is good but will he able to cope with the premiership, we don’t want another Morientes. Buying 17/18 year olds don’t win you the premiership

  8. Hi can not mention my name but i can tell you this i am currenty working for liverpool fc and terry hendry was at melwoo trainground on wednesday.

  9. Thats great news as pepe is one of the best in the world, all we need now is a few more sigings like malouda, simoa, a striker (eto’o torres etc) milito and queresma and then we will see the magic of rafa

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