Parry backs Rafa’s Anfield future

Rick ‘Slick’ ParryRick Parry, the reds chief executive, today backed Rafa Benitez and insisted that despite the ownership change -Liverpool’s board will never seek to make footballing decisions over the head of the current manager.

Only last season a Liverpool director, Noel White, was removed from the board of the football club after making tactical criticisms of Benitez. At Chelsea this season increasing pressure from the board on team affairs, including the hiring of a Director of Football, is believed to be to blame for Jose Mourinho’s departure.

Rick Parry’s comments today suggested that Liverpool will continue with the system that has held firm since the days of Bill Shankly.

“Rafa has got our complete backing. He is as committed as the rest of us are to winning trophies.

“We are entirely happy with the way things are going and the direction we are taking. Long may that continue.

“The board not interfering with the manager on playing issues will continue with the new owners. That’s the only way to run this club.”

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Parry backs Rafa’s Anfield future

  1. I would like to say that Raffa is doing a great job so far remember he and the team delivered the European Cup again and already have been in two European Cup finals under him.
    I have been pleased by the new players like Andrie Vorinin looks like a steel from Bayer Luverkusen and Fernado Torres will be a great player for Liverpool.
    Ok we have have drawn some games but have not been beaten and our defence lookes solid with Jamie Garragher looking good.

    I would like to see Ryan Babble playing more game for us.
    Is it possible to send me a siged photograph of Steven Gerrard to my address at Mr Daryl Hardie 3 Denbert Place Kennoway Fife KY8 5TS i would also like to say that is book was a brilliant read and i am now reading the book about the KOP which i another good read.
    Thanks all the best for the season from a true red

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