Rafa’s ton up as Reds storm through Chelsea

Rafael Benitez’s 100th Premiership game in charge of our club ended with his first victory over Mourinho’s Chelsea in the Premiership.

Liverpool won 2-0 today, thanks to strikes from Dirk Kuyt and Jermaine Pennant’s Liverpool debut goal. The mighty reds were in control for the entire first half and although Chelsea improved in the second half the reds were still the better side overall and could well have made the scoreline more embarrasing for the Londoners.

After a horrific start to the season, the reds have now edged past their points total for this time last season and have closed the gap behind Chelsea to 5 points.

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Rafa’s ton up as Reds storm through Chelsea

  1. Liverpool just killed them like they doing with many other teams, and Chelsea is not a better team then Liverpool.


  2. I loved the result and i wanted liverpool to win. It was a good win but I still want the reds to beat Chelsea in EPL when Chelsea have their strongest side. Because then it proves that we can beat even the best AT their best. because Chelsea didnt have a center half they had to make Essien one. That left the midfield weak and Gerrard and Xabi Alonso capitalized on this. if they had their midfield then it would be a good game. Allround though it wasnt the reds problem that chelsea had those freakin’ injuries. They asked for trouble and the show offs got it.

  3. Only your 3rd, we have won 18 so only 16 to go…
    European cup? Lets see.. Have you won it once? NO!
    (Incidentley the last time we won it you had 186mins to beat us for a place in the final… and you couldn’t!) So we did the honurable thing, we beat you, sent you packing back to the smoke and we packed our bags for Istanbul. The rest is HISTORY and we have lots of it. How ’bout 5 European Cups, 7 FA Cups and 7 League Cups and 15 Charity Shields… and if you care to read the LFC club honours anywhere Chavski don’t even come close, bit like on Sat.20th Jan, you were pathetic so we spanked your blue arses and sent you home again with something else to think about.
    P.s. If you had a choice would you buy Chavshenko for £30 MILLION (I don’t think Jose wanted to!) or Dirk Kuyt for £9 MILLION and have £21 MILLION change? Who is the best value for money?
    We did not get lucky, you fool, we beat you and you are a bad, sad loser.

  4. You got lucky again Scousers. It’s taken you long enough to beat us…. enjoy your little win – we will be holding up our THIRD consecutive title in May and probably the European Cup too (after Barcelona stuff you lot). Oh we might add the FA Cup and the Carling Cup to our cabinet too – remember them trophies do you??? lol

  5. Superb result – very well deserved. We were all over Chelsea from the first whistle.

    We made them look distinctively average. I thought Kuyt was superb and Alonso is turning in to a right hard case. Loved it.

    Well in for Pennant too – not been his biggest fan but he proved he can do a job against the decent sides today.

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