Reds confirm striker signing, but what for Robbie?

Liverpool today confirmed that Bayer Leverkusen’s striker Andriy Voronin will join the club in the summer on a four year contract on a free transfer.

The 27 year old nicknamed ‘The Crow’ was tipped for the move earlier this month. The player was widely tipped to take over the 4th striker role with Robbie Fowler apparently entering his final few months of his Liverpool playing career. To upset the apple-cart however God scored two penalties against Sheffield United and today Rafa Benitez has referred to him as ‘the club’s best finisher’.

Robbie Fowler appears to be Liverpool’s most prolific scorer this season, scoring seven goals and having started seven games.

Rafa obviously believes none of his strikers are the perfect article. He said:

“He’s a really good finisher, still the best we have, and I sometimes think that if we could have Bellamy running at defenders and carrying the ball 20 yards, then turning into Fowler with the goal in sight, it would be perfect.”

 “If you create chances for him, you know you can rely on his finishing and that is a very important quality to have. We have four very good strikers, all with different skills. You can make the most of Peter Crouch’s aerial ability, Dirk Kuyt works hard between the lines and Bellamy runs behind defences.

“Robbie operates in and around the box and, of course, he snaps up chances. We can talk about Robbie’s future at a later date but, if he scores every time he plays over the next few months, you never know. You need a regular supply of goals from someone and, if Robbie is not with us next season, we will have to look for another like him. It will not be easy, but it is clear we would need someone with the same qualities.”

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Reds confirm striker signing, but what for Robbie?

  1. we should go out for a 20 goal a season striker to get us all the goals we need come on americans david villa !!or thierry henry!!

  2. Rafa should watch Fowlers 00-01 season,some of the best goals ever scored by one or any player! Come on Rafa, work the magic,give him another contract and then the fans and fowler will repay you again. Inspirational when you signed him but dont waste the talent. Surely if he is the best finisher he should be starting more games?

  3. I agree with “Iceman”, and others who say that Robbi is the best natural striker Liverpool have – but he’s a different kind of player to Dirk Kuyt and Bellamy. Both work like hell but don’t have his finishing touch – they’re hardly deadly finishers are they? I can’t understand why he hasn’t been given more of a chance? When he does play it’s usually for the last 10 minutes – doesn’t give him much of a chance! Why not rotate him the way Pennant is. Pennant at least gets a dicent chunk of time to show what he can do (or not):) I bet Fowler wouldn’t have blown as many chances as the rest of the gang against Barcca…

  4. Once upon a time, Robbie was the only “killer-instinct” finisher in the country, and in Liverpool of course. I just wonder, why can’t they see his natural footballing brilliance, why don’t they give him more chances and, above ALL, he proved that he’s got a 100% RED HEART, by desperately wanting to come back, what else a manager would want from a player, why his willingness plus his talent cannot count this time??!!
    What a pity Robbie, you shouldn’t have left from the beginning, you should stay, ignoring Houllier, you should have remained patient, “after the end of a storm, there would always be a golden sky…”

  5. I just don’t understand why Robbie hardly plays. He is the best finisher who has ever lived! Come on Rafa PLEASE give him another contract but let him play and show you how wonderful he really is. He can’t show his stuff if he doesn’t play can he? We were so happy to get him back where he belongs but he hasn’t been given a fair chance!

  6. Robbies ratio of goal per game says it all. still the class act and probably one of only a few players from a great current crop of lads, that really gets us all excited when he is about to enter the field of anfied road

  7. i dont care how much it costs rafa shud pay wotever it takes to sign eithr owen or villa coz 1 of dem up front wiv kuyt would be immense they would surely win da league.
    reina, finnan, carra, hyypia, riise, gonzalez, alonso, gerrard, alonso, pennant, kuyt, villa wud be unstoppable n wen garcia n kewell r bck

  8. What the heck is going on?Robbie is back with us where he belongs.He was over the moon when we got him back and wants to play.One of the best finishers in premiership although might not be the fittest but nevertheless the man’s got style.I think the least the CLUB could do is pay some respect and give him a new decent contract.After all dont think he’s after money.THE GOD IS BACK … AND HE IS WITH THE KINGS.Thats where he belongs!

  9. i think robbie should be giving a coaching roll, do you think with these new owners we should be going after secound rate strickers or topclass ones like getting owen back, can you imagen him and kyut up front. what a strick force

  10. Ok we will get a new striker. but for me if im the manager of liverpool fc, i will surly give robbie fowler 1 more season… his just a classic finisher thers no won better then him…

  11. fowler has to be offered a new deal as he proved on saturday he still has wot it takes to score goals and that wot we need, voronin signing is a mistake he has only scored 5 goals in 40 games for ukraine and thats not good for a striker and he doesnt score many in domestic season, rafa shud be goin all out to sign david villa!

  12. Why should it be Fowler who should go, what about Bellamy? He hasn’t really lit any fires yet and is a trouble maker. What decent human being attacks a colleague with a golf club. If that happened at any other place of employment, he would be out the door and down the road.

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