Reds linked with…another Spaniard

Another day – another Spaniard linked to a move to Anfield.

According to one of Spain’s major sports newspapers, the reds sent a scout to Deportivo La Coruna, to watch Javier Arizmendi.

Apparently the Spanish club are in such dire financial straits that they would be willing to offload the former Spanish under-20 international for around £2 million.

The speculation appears primarily based on if the deal with Athletico Madrid, who have first option to buy-back their former player – and appear to want to, collapses.

The striker has admitted he is keeping his head on his game, letting others do the speculating: “I only want to play and about this subject the clubs will need to speak in the weeks ahead.”

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Reds linked with…another Spaniard

  1. I would just hope this new guy is really as good as our finer spanish imports because right now we need quality strikers. Graig Bellamy has not done it for me and he should really be on his way out, Fowler can no longer perform at that level, Peter Croutch is not a player that would produced the goods all season long and Dirk Kuyt seems to do most of his work away from the goal…. If he is that good, bring him on….

  2. Whilst Garcia IS a gud player he concedes 2 many free kicks and is annoying sometimes wiv his complex style.But yes he has scored us sum gud goals.

  3. Garcia is always capable of producing a moments magic when required, yeah he loses the ball quite alot but it’s always his pass or goal that makes a difference in the big games

  4. garcia has been a great player, his ‘goal?’ in semi – final agenst chelsea in champo league, his lob in merseyside derby last season, put us 2-0 up in semi final of f.a cup last year and it was his goal dat beat arsenal last season so he obviously has been a great transfer!!!

  5. You pillock. Pellegrino was Argentinian and Garcia whilst he’s scored some important goals can hardly be held up as an example of a great transfer

  6. Again another Spaniard hopefully if he is as good as Alonso and Luis Garcia he will be good.
    Hopefully he wont be as rubbish as Josemi and Pelligrino

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