Riise warns Milan to expect ‘physical’ battle

With Milan players crowing about their alleged superior technical skills, John Arne Riise has hit back insisting that the reds can both not only play the technical game, but out-smart Milan at the physical stuff too.

“I heard that they think they are the more tactical and we are the more physical side, but we can play football too,” he said. “But they know we are strong and physical and we will use that to our advantage. They hate playing against those sort of teams.

“They looked like they struggled against the physical aspect when they played Bayern Munich earlier in the competition, but it is not something they enjoy facing.”

Riise laughed off the suggestions that Milan are almost certainties to lift the trophy, according to many in the press.

“We don’t really care what people say, we deserve to be in the final,” he said. “When they played against United their full backs were almost like strikers or wingers because United gave them space. The way we play is quite compact and it will be hard work for their full backs and wingers to get through.

“If they still attack us that way we will find space to hurt them. We have got the next few days to find their weakness-es and exploit them.”

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Riise warns Milan to expect ‘physical’ battle

  1. Sorry about that but read this from my persoanl records…

    Liverpool took part in a Champions League final 6 times so far and won the trophy 5 times (success rate 83%). One has to bear in mind that the 1985 cup in Brussels was “granted” to Juventus because of the saddest football disaster in European football (remember the “ghost-penalty”, 2 meters outside the box?). In the field though, Liverpool dominated the game and, substantially, would have won this cup too. All in all, one can claim that Liverpool would have achieved 100% success rate in each European final they took part. For now, let’s rest on the 5 Cups and the 83% success rate…The crucial question is: Which European club has had such a success rate in Champions League finals? NO ONE!

    Real Madrid has taken part 12 times in Champions League final and won the trophy 9 times, success rate 75%

    AC Milan has taken part 9 times in Champions League finals and won the trophy 6 times, success rate 66%

    Bayern Munich has taken part 7 times in Champions League finals and won the trophy 4 times, success rate 57%

    Ajax has taken part 6 times in Champions League finals and won the trophy 4 times, success rate 66%

    Barcelona has taken part 5 times in Champions League finals and won the trophy 2 times, success rate 40%

    There’s no point in comparing the 2 times Cup holders, like Porto, Man. United or Nottingham Forest, as they took part 2 times and won the trophy both times, that is, 100% success rate. BUT, comparing those club’s participations in a final with those of Liverpool’s, Real Madrid’s or AC Milan’s, even in their dreams would they have achieved this kind of success.

    The biggest loser (!) in Europe seems to be Juventus, with 6 participations in a Champions League final but they lifted the trophy only 2 times, success rate 33%! Who said something about the …Great Lady..??

    Numbers can be harsh some times and impersonal, but even in this filed Liverpool holds an enviable place, who said something about Man. United, Chelsea or Arsenal?

    Besides, the Champions League final in 2005 sealed the 50 years of UEFA, with Liverpool being the proud winners in this most memorable UEFA birthday. That final was characterized as the greatest final ever, due to the magic courage that Liverpool displayed against the behemoth named Milan. Even more, the UEFA Cup final in 2001, when Liverpool faced Alaves, the Spanish side, was characterized the greatest final in the tournament ever…5-4 as a score, red cards, penalties, suspense! That match has had everything!
    Is it by chance then that Liverpool took part in the greatest finals of the European football??

    Conclusions belong to the impartial fans…

  2. We remain Reds,We never work alone,It is going to be a shocking news to the unexpected people.

    I remain Liverpool till death.

    Just going to be a 2-1 win Liverpool 2 Ac-M 1 One Goal from Kurt and one from the great master Steven Gerrard

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