West Ham madness as Javier delights at Anfield?

Will we ever know the reasons why Mascherano was reduced to a couple of starts and a couple of substitute appearances by West Ham United? The Argentinian has put it behind him and is enjoying his new Anfield career.

Javier Mascherano has been one of the Rafa’s best signings – certainly one of his best January transfers.  The Argentine midfielder has been a key part of Liverpool’s fine form of late, looking as if he has played Champions League football all his life, and putting pressure on Xabi and Momo. Although you can never be sure about these things, you would have to argue that Mascherano could have been West Ham United’s best player – and for a team struggling to stay in the Premiership the decision not to write his name on the team-sheet week in week out is a bizarre one.

Javier himself has had this to say on his Anfield career so far.

“The truth is I am very happy at Liverpool.” 
“Everybody is treating me very well and I hope it continues like that. It is good to be in a dressing room where there is a lot of Spanish spoken but at the same time we try to speak in English because we are in England and we have to respect that fact.
“There is a great atmosphere in the dressing room and things are going very well. My teammates, the technical staff and the fans have been really good to me and that is important.
“Reading was my fourth consecutive game so I am very happy because I have been getting a good run in the side. We knew that we needed the three points and it was important because there are still some big league games to come. We need to keep winning to make sure we are in the Champions League next season.
“I know what my job is out on the pitch and luckily, here at Liverpool there are some great players. When you are playing with such great players you really enjoy it. It is much easier to play alongside great players like the ones here at Liverpool.
“Hopefully we can achieve something very important this season by winning a European title. There is still a long way to go and hopefully we will put in a good performance on Wednesday to make sure we are in the semi-finals.”

Liverpool paid £1.5 million to secure the player’s services until the summer of 2008. If the player continues in his current vein of form, even the new owners may not have deep enough pockets to secure his services on a permanent basis.

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West Ham madness as Javier delights at Anfield?

  1. The best player up to date… Buy him or Liverpool will never challenge for the EPL title next year… Combine well with Gerrard…Must have lots of options in midfield..

  2. i agree watching him play its amazing how he didnt get in that west ham team if he carryies on like this he can be up there with graem souness steve mcmahon emlyn hughes to think hes only 22 is awesome good luck to him and keep it up mascherano

  3. I thought we had an option on buying him for 10 million at the end of the loan deal? Yet it says here we may need to fork out alot more money for him?

  4. Mascherano’s west ham contract stated that if he played anyone matches then hammers wouldve had to stump up £25m. as a hammers fan, it truley was a wasted opportunity. Tevez doesnt have the same clause and could play as many as selected.

  5. West Ham’s league position says it all about the quality of their current team.

    Only Tevez and Ashton are worth saving from Championship football.

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