Club offer support as Gerrard is charged

Liverpool Football Club today stood behind the club captain after it was confirmed that the player would be charged with assault and affray alongside two other men, after an incident alleged to have occurred at the Lounge Inn nightspot in Southport.

A club statement reads:

“Steven has been an outstanding servant to Liverpool for the last 10 years and the club will give him all the support he needs at this time.”

Gerrard was held for around 20 hours in police custody before being released late last night.  He was arrested alongside 5 other men for an alleged incident involving Marcus McGee.  According to various newspaper reports the incident occurred due to a disagreement over the choice of music being played in the bar.

According to the Liverpool Echo, a bottle was smashed over the alleged victim’s head or face although the newspaper claims that it was not Steven Gerrard who was involved with this. A 29 and 19 year old from Huyton have also been charged and will appear alongside Gerrard at the magistrates court on the 23rd January 2009.

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Club offer support as Gerrard is charged

  1. Its very unlikely of Stevie G if his behaviour in the field is to be considered. Common Stevie….we will always support you.

  2. Steven has completed many challenge, including leading liverpool to win UEFA in 2005 and bringing liverpool to no.1 in 2008 . Really hope he is strong enough to win this case!

  3. Stevie should not do anymore interviews with that rag of a channel Sky Sports.
    Sky jumped on the band wagon with their stupid yellow breaking news banner. Then their sh-te punch line, ‘Sky News understands’

    Anybody really know what happened???
    Was it a dj trying to enter the land of celeb???????

  4. In the wrong place at the wrong time . People take advantage of those at present. Head up stevie g . He’s won enough for the club and more to come, and can win this 1. We’re all backing him now.

  5. If guilty so what. I am sure you were targeted. Keep on scoring on the field and keep scoring off it as you usually do. Need a place to escape then your always welcome at ours in Brisbane. Fkn superstar.

  6. Innocent until proven guilty, and damn the Press! It is right and proper that the Club should stand by him, particularly so because of his unblemished and loyal service over the last 10 or so years.Let us all remember that none of us are perfect,and if he is to be proven guilty of anything at the end of this, then i am sure it will come out that there was a reason for Stevies actions, and the Club should still stand by him for this 1 error of judgement. Best of luck Stevie. El Tel Alicante

  7. Slightly off the point, but we Muslims always feel like Stevie (of who I’m a great fan of) must be feeling at this moment…guilty until proven innocent. Let’s hope justice prevails whatever the case.

  8. Iam very pleased that the club have gone public on their support for Stevie although i would expect nothing less. Even if Stevie has done something, iam sure he wouldnt do it for no good reason and therefore i will support him. Free Stevie G

  9. well a crisis in ones life is a positive thing because it gives us a chance to grow. confront problems and revalustes our lifestyle and actions. we all make mistakes. but stevie is so well loved he will have no end of support and prayers to move forward on issues.

  10. I have watched Steven Gerard since he was lad and know his character is not capable of doing what he is accused of and fully back Steven against what he is accused,he has won all the battle,s for Liverpool and he will win this one all best Steven from big Liverpool supporter Barry

  11. I’m glad that LFC have issued a statement in support of Gerrard. Yes, he’s been charged but he’s innocent until proven otherwise and one must keep in mind that Gerrard’s unblemished record speaks for itself. He can count on the support of his many true fans who don’t envy him for his riches as has been stated in the media. There aren’t many Steven Gerrards out there, and his loyalty to his club is uquestioned. Sure he’s well-off but he turned down Chelsea and Real Madrid for bigger sums of money and wants to fulfil his ambitions with LFC. That speaks volumes for Steven.

  12. Typical of the press though. They seem to have him down for 20 years hard labour already.

    He hasn’t been convicted of anything and I hope him and his lawyers are keeping their eyes peeled on the media.

  13. Stevie G is quality we don’t even know what he has done if anything serious & he is getting crucified already by certain members of the press.

    Leave him alone.

  14. I welcome the news that the club will stand by their captain. Until the facts come out we must stick to the principle of innocent until proven guilty. Rock on Stevie

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