Gerrard: I’m no winger

It’s been the subject of a lot of speculation in recent weeks that when Gerrard returns to the Liverpool team it may well be to the right wing, a position he scored a huge amount of goals from in 2006/07.

With both Mascherano and Alonso appearing far more useful in the first team than Kuyt, many fans had tipped Gerrard to make a return to the right.

But Gerrard today fired a warning that he isn’t happy about it!

‘I’ve paid the price for being able to do a decent job in other positions,’ Gerrard said.

‘Other players don’t get shunted around because they can’t do it. I can’t go and play on the right or the left and become Kaka or Robinho, I just go out there, give 100 per cent and do a steady job.

‘I’ll work hard, do my bit defensively and help the team. That’s why managers do it to me, but it is affecting me.

‘My game suffers when my position is changed. I’m a central midfielder and in the big games I want to play in the middle and show that I’m one of the very best in that position.

‘I’ve played in my favourite position for England five times in 68 games. What can you do? I go into training with England and try to prove myself every day.

‘Every England manager I’ve worked under knows where I want to play, but they pick the formations and I play where I’m told,’

Gerrard has also told Benitez he doesn’t want to play against Manchester United.

‘I’ve a decent chance for the Champions League game in Marseille,’

‘I’ve spoken to the manager and told him I’d like to do a certain amount of training before I come back. I don’t want to go into a big game only having had one session with the boys.’

What do you think? Should he play where he is told? Or should Gerrard decide?

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Gerrard: I’m no winger

  1. I’m the most enthusiastic fan Gerrard from Romania.For me is not possible that Steve(my favourite football player all time)should playing on the right side at the field.Rafa,don’t forget ,he is the best CENTRAL midfield and the play-maker in this team.But you know that very well.So,I wish same Liverpool with same captain who frequently scored through incredible shoots. If you want have performance with this wonderful team, the Big Steve should play only in the centre of midfield, because is the best!!!

  2. gerrard should play where he wnts when he wants he is my fave player and it hurts when he suffers from not playing where he wants. GERRARD BELONGS IN THE CENTRE OF MIDFIELD!!!!!!

  3. You never get the best out of him when he plays out of position, you can see it on his face when he’s playing, but needs must and he doesn’t complain, if others in the team had his attitude the team would be better off.

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