Jermaine ready to fight back

After his first appearance of the season against Crewe, Jermaine Pennant is hoping that he can force his way back in to the Liverpool team.

Rafa Benitez had wanted to off-load the player in the summer transfer window, but Pennant rejected a move to Blackburn as negotiations fell apart over the players wage demands.

However in the reds midweek win, Pennant impressed enough in parts to suggest that he may have given Benitez one or two things to consider.

Pennant said:

‘From my own point of view it was just nice to get 90 minutes under my belt,.

‘It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Carling Cup or another competition to me, it’s good to get a run out and I enjoyed every minute of it.

‘When you’re at a club like Liverpool you are going to have to fight for your place so I’ll keep plugging away.’

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Jermaine ready to fight back

  1. Not sure if Pennant was ever good enough in the first place. An end of transfer window panic buy maybe? I don’t want to compare us to Arsenal, but if they let him go then how good can he really be? Personally I’m always a bit suspicious of players that have had lots of clubs. To date Pennnant has had Notts County, Arsenal, Leeds, Watford, Birmingham and now us (correct me if I’ve missed some), so whats wrong. Why does no one hold onto him for longer than five minutes? The same can be said about Crouch and after his limitations ahd been exposed he was down the road to another journeyman club. I fear Robbbie Keane could go the same way, though we should give him time as he is still settling in. I’d like to see him get the winner at Goodison.

  2. I think Pennant defensive play was not quite up there. His runs in attack is formidable but he lacks that defensive cover on the right. Kuyt with all that fuss, may have edge pennant in terms of defensive play because he is all over the place running after the ball and provide cover. I actually didn’t fancy kuyt on the right, but we have to have that balance in terms of overall play, so kuyt just nicked in there for the time being. If Pennant can get his defensive play into his game, well for sure RAFA may play him every game.

  3. dont know if opinions are only read by fans, but this should get to pennant himself!!! he’s a very good player, one only thing he’s not good at, go past his direct opponent. look at riera and ryan, they both point their direct man. thats one thing he must improve to be complete. then yes, he will claim his post!!!

  4. I say give him another chance, but don’t play him for the big games just yet. And Axon, Rafa doesn’t pick people based on their names or reputation, he picks people on their performances.

  5. Also, i sense a lack of confidence up front with our team. I was at the Stoke match, and the way we bullied possesion, ran riot with shots and mastered attack was phenominal; yet we were severly inaffective and dire with our chances. I recall Keane having plentiful chances inside the box to shoot, yet passed it out wide. Had that been the Spurs Keane we all know, he would have scored. I love Keane, and really want him to be a MASSIVE success. We just need to tell our player; “When you get the ball, shoot!” im sure this would help us in scoring goals.

  6. I think Pennant is quality. We have to remember, players don’t get big names by sitting on the sidelines. Great player play every game, get involved and have time and oppertunities to develop and go further. We need to give Pennant games and Rafa should realise that he is a true right winger, with a great right foot; has he forgotton Pennant was the man of the match for us against Milan and in other important games in the Champions League. give him games Rafa, and he’ll set up goals.

  7. Simply don’t understand why Benitez give up on the players who he bought himself, is not that they don’t perform but simply not big name enough i guess..Crouch, Pennant, Benayoun just some example.

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