Last red to score at the Bridge gives advice

Yes. The last Liverpool player to score at Stamford Bridge was indeed the French wizard Bruno Cheyrou.

Luckily for the reds he was more than happy to hand out the ‘believe’ advice that has been the mantra of his career.

“When I heard I was the last Liverpool scorer at Stamford Bridge I felt proud. Playing for Liverpool remains a great source of satisfaction. I’ll be glued to my television on Wednesday.

“I was devastated when John Arne Riise scored the own goal. But John’s a strong man. I wouldn’t put it past him to score the winner at Chelsea. My advice to Liverpool is to keep believing. They’ve probably got a better side now than four years ago; I’m sure they can get a result.”

I note Bruno failed to suggest for which side Riise could score the winner.

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Last red to score at the Bridge gives advice

  1. Riise is a strong player and i am sure he will go for goal. he has the best left foot in the buisness.and will make terry and co SHUDDER with his thunderous strike.

  2. Riise will now score a goal at the bridge in the chelsea net. He is a very good player and need to gain quickly his rythm and our faith. I beleive in you, John. Just go, next Wednesday to score the wining goal. Good Luck.

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